Sifting Through the Pile of Suck: 2010 Season Recap (Part 2)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sifting Through the Pile of Suck: 2010 Season Recap (Part 2)

. Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yeah, that about sums it up

Now that we're in our off-season weekly posting mode (which, frankly, is probably more than we did during the last two months of that horrible season), we're endeavoring to explain what went wrong in each phase of the Cubs game. There was a lot, so it's coming in parts. A lot of parts. Last week, we kicked off with starting pitching. Today, it's the infield (minimum 100 at-bats - sorry, Bobby Scales).

Geovany Soto - .280 BA/.393 OBP/17 HR/53 RBI

Little-known fact: Soto was an extra in The Buena Vista Social Club

It's too bad that his 2009 was so disappointing, because I think Cubs fans no longer appreciate how talented he is. It's hard to find a catcher who can hit like this and still call a decent game. One of the bright spots.

Grade: B+

Koyie Hill - .214/.254/1/17

Bizarro Soto is above-average defensively, but fucking TERRIBLE at the plate. The next manager who talks about his ability to switch hit gets punched in the neck. It doesn't count if you hit like a pitcher. Really, when you decide to start Koyie Hill, you're saying "I'm gonna play 7 hitters today."

Grade: D-

Derrek Lee - .251/.335/16/56

Farewell, D-Lee. I'm glad he didn't leave under a cloud of acrimony. I will not make fun of people in Lee jerseys at Wrigley next year. A great player and a great Cub who will be missed. Unfortunately, his slump combined with A-Ram's to murder the season in its crib.

Grade: C+

Xavier Nady - .256/.306/6/33

I said last offseason that it was a depressing free agent period because Nady was our biggest pickup. You know what ended up being more depressing? Watching him play early in the season. To call him a complete non-factor would be an insult to the Gabe Kaplers of the world. Got better later on, but at that point we'd already hit the iceberg of mediocrity.

Grade: D+

Mediocre grades for a mediocre middle infield, plus Starlin Castro, after the jump.

Ryan Theriot - .284/.320/1/21

He offered decent OBP and average, but the reason I was so happy to see him gone was because of his abysmal fielding. Despite moving to second base - theoretically, a much less demanding position - he played the field with all the precision and grace of a 9-year old Japanese child playing in Strobe Light Stadium. He was nice to Steve at RibFest, though - that counts for something.

Grade: C-

Mike Fontenot - .284/.322/1/20

Try to ignore the morons hyuck-ing over the video, but this is a really, really awful play for an NLCS game. Or any game.

I had to check a couple of times to make sure I didn't hit copy/paste by accident. Then I remembered that Big Hungry Hendry likes to stockpile light-hitting middle infielders. This includes our dearly departed Malibu Mike, who made perhaps the worst play of the postseason during Game 2 of the NCLS the other night, watching a popup fall to the infield with all the concern of a negligent British nanny.

Grade: C

Blake DeWitt - .250/.314/4/22

We gave up Ted Lilly and got this ... person. Out-mediocred both Theriot and Fontenot, and cost us a pile of cash along in addition Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. Great move, Hendo.

Grade: C-

Jeff Baker - .272/.326/4/21

The forgotten stockpiled mediocre middle infielder. For when you don't want your starting infielder to play, but you're too lazy to make the call to Iowa.

Grade: C

Starlin Castro - .300/.347/3/41

Cannot yet drink legally. In my experience, that means he probably sneaks a lot of High Life out of his parents' fridge.

Soto was the under-appreciated asset and all, but Starlin Castro, who was a fetus when I started Little League, was the reason to watch. A bit rough in the field as he worked through the expected growing pains, but kept his average up far longer than anyone suspected he would. After some pre-emptive Theriot bitching, a controversy seemed to be brewing. Then Castro proved himself a better, and more exciting, shortstop in every phase of the game. Every non-Pittsburgh team needs a bright spot. I'm really enjoying ours. He stole home, for fuck's sake. Something's gotta wake up the crowd.

Grade: A-

Aramis Ramirez - .241/.294/25/83

Ramirez often daydreams about the offseason.

What a god-awful start to the season. And what a god-awful season in which a man who batted .152 through April and .173 in may ended up being perhaps one of our three most potent offensive weapons. Burned it up on July and August before dropping off again in September. It wasn't all terrible - that fact that he was within distance of 100 RBIs is pretty unreal, considering his start to the year. Hopefully he puts together a full season in 2011 - he's still my favorite Cub, and I'd hate for us to have to take him to the glue factory.

Grade: C