Cubs 5 - Pirates 3: DOWN GOES SLOTH!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cubs 5 - Pirates 3: DOWN GOES SLOTH!

. Thursday, September 2, 2010

"... suddenly, the mighty predator LEAPS at its unfortunate prey!"

Tom Gorzelanny is more of a ball magnet than Marty Brennaman's chin. After leaving a game with a ball to the arm against the Phillies earlier in the year, Tommy Sloth once again had to be pulled after Jose Tabata (who?) smacked him with one back up the middle. Thomas Diamond, who I still maintain isn't real, came in for 1 2/3 and earned the win. We're to the point where the injury (he's supposed to be fine) is way more exciting than the game action. I mean shit, more than 20 games back. But there was even more ... puzzling, maybe? ... stuff going on at Wrigley last night.

Dutchie, comfortable in her seat, prior to her passing 'pon de lefthand side.

The Cubs moved the Harry Caray statue from Addison and Sheffield (RF gate, close to the L) over to Waveland and Sheffield, by the bleacher gate. It happened sometime over the last week, to make room for a statue of Billy Williams. For some reason, Dutchie agreed to be at the "re-dedication" ceremony last night, alongside other Cubs luminaries. Why she honored the team's "F You" to her late husband, I'm not quite sure. Yes, Harry enjoyed the bleachers, but let's not pretend that Addison and Sheffield isn't the prime location for Chicagoans and L-bound tourists alike. I suppose anything to put one more event between today and the Mastercard Pre-Sale, which I will keep screaming about until I vomit blood onto the silk safari suits of the Dickish Ricketts. Anyway, not much to say about it, except that it gave us this gem of a picture, for which I am grateful.

Sweet. Older people probably find this less exaggerated and, as a result, less funny.


KD said...

Just so you know, I work with Harry's daughter, Michele, and I asked her how she felt about them moving her dad's statue. She said she thinks he would have liked it, so, there's that. And she doesn't really care what Dutchie thinks. :)