Married Guy Is Back: 10 Things I Missed

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Married Guy Is Back: 10 Things I Missed

. Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I'm back from the honeymoon, returned to the grind of work, and the grind of Cubs fandom. Here are 10 things that went on during and around that time.

1. While waiting for the wedding to start, I was following the game first on the radio then on my phone. As I was called to the front, I took one last reassuring look at the screen - one out in the 9th, a two run lead, and Marmol on the mound. Later, as a married man, I saw that Atlanta won 5-3. Turns out being a married Cubs fan is rather the same thing as being a single one.

2. 20 and a half games back? Fuck me. How are we more worried about the manager job than the GM one? But hey, we're only four and a half back of the Astros.

3. A-Ram has hit three homers since I left, and Fuku has hit two. I'm sorry I missed those, because that's about it for good stuff to watch with the Cubs these days.

4. Though the sound was off, I got a little emotional when I saw Lou's postretirement conference and his man-tears. A rare tender moment in the pub of a Sandals Bahamian resort.

5. And by the way, can you blame the guy for packing it in early? I'm sure that by the end, he was having horrible flashbacks to his tenure with the Rays.

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6. OMGWHOWILLBETHENEXTMANAGER. Gee, I can't wait for a metric ton of breathless non-stories on the radio and in print from now until that underwhelming moment when we actually hire a new manager, only to realize that Soriano still has 3 $18M seasons left.

7. Did you know that John Grabow is making nearly $5M? Does that fact now make you defecate in rage?

8. We went on a three game winning streak against the Nationals, who are officially the Charlie Brown of the league after losing their best player and meal ticket. The ghost of Mark Prior returns to haunt us all. But hey, ESPN, thanks for all the months of hype. I just hope they don't take Strasburg behind a barn and shoot him like Barbaro. He won't make nearly enough glue to make it worth the effort.

9. Tickets for the first game of the upcoming September series against the Giants start at $2 on StubHub. Seriously.

10. Hm, tenth thing, tenth thing. My tenth thing is that I'm apparently quite rusty at blogging. Seems like a cheat, doesn't it?