Brewers 18 - Cubs 1: ... the FUCK?!?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brewers 18 - Cubs 1: ... the FUCK?!?

. Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brutal. Like, "I have to live in Milwaukee" brutal. Or "I have to watch the 2010 Chicago Cubs" brutal.

Seriously?!? I step away from the TV to stir some sausage ragu for a minute, cook some pasta, and get dinner together. Step back, and it's a certified ass-pounding - the second in less than a week. Absolutely pathetic. This almost makes me not want to go to the game on my day off this Friday. The Brewers scored more runs last night than the Cubs have in the last six games combined. The Cubs gave up 26 hits - tied for the most in team history. We're half a game back of the Astros. I will pay no more than $10 for a ticket on Friday, that's for sure.

I turned it off at 13-1. Does that make me a bad fan?

Randy Wells gave another of his "yeah, this guy's probably just a fifth starter" performances. They've become something of a specialty of his this year. By the time Randy left the game, the result was all but decided, thanks to our pathetic bats. But Wells wasn't alone in suckage - Justin Berg can't pitch, Bryan Schlitter can't get anyone out, and Casey Coleman earned all the distinction implied in his Elias Sports Bureau profile.

To be fair, I may have been the first person to click on this.

Six in a row kids. Six. May as well tune in tonight. Statistically, we can't lose every game for the rest of the season ... right?!?!?!