Weekend Recap: This About Sums It Up ...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap: This About Sums It Up ...

. Monday, July 12, 2010

We know how you feel, buddy.

Over the weekend, we suffered through our last Cubs series before the All Star break, dropping three of four to the Dodgers. Corey from Ivy Envy attended some of the series, and is now in critical condition, stabbed with a screwdriver by an unidentified man in a Daddy Yankee t-shirt. Lucky bastard didn't have to hear this from Great White Hunter Tom Ricketts:

"I'm not going to assign blame to anyone or anything.. The fact is when we came into the season, we had what appeared to be a pretty strong lineup. It hasn't worked out for whatever reason. Seems like the guys are putting it together now. Let's just keep on winning."

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Everyone reading this - and yes, anonymous weirdo with two plushie forum tabs open next to ours, that means you too - knew going into the year that the 2010 Cubs were merely an older version of the lineup that disappointed so many during the often-frustrating sometimes infuriating 2009 campaign. Marlon Byrd was a fine signing for $5 million per, Soto was due for a bounceback, and there was a shortstop in the minors giving people the Patterson/Pie swoons, but that was it. Derrek Lee was still getting a year older, Soriano and Fukudome were still being paid so much they couldn't possibly live up to the contracts, and the middle infield and bullpen were still full of spare parts. I suppose you could argue addition by subtraction (translation: fuck you, Kevin Gregg), but there wasn't any significant addition to a roster that pissed away 2009.

"Oooh, it's that guy from TD Ameritrade. Can I have your autograph? You're my favorite brokerage house heir!"

Not assigning blame? Should be fun to have this guy running the team. I get that he shouldn't come in all reactionary, firing everyone at will and splashing ultimately useless money that fans have to eat the bill for (see also: pulling a Dan Snyder). But I also feel like he should figure out that the organization isn't making any progress with Crane Kenney at the helm, Jim Hendry continuing to build halves of teams, and Lou Piniella casting one eye at the door. We got a new hitting coach and still have no second baseman or everyday right fielder. Hooray for progress. Who could have figured that wouldn't turn out so good?