Weekend Recap: Swang Song for SLilly (Lazy Headline Day)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap: Swang Song for SLilly (Lazy Headline Day)

. Monday, July 26, 2010

So the weekend was happy - and sort of bittersweet. Let's do 2 lists of 5, because I'm writing this at my kitchen table, and it's chicken burger night. I gots me the expensive feta.

Not so Good

1. Losing in extras on a Sunday night and seeing the fucktards celebrate after losing a series? Not a great last impression of the weekend.

2. Could be the last Cardinals series for Theodore Roosevelt Lilly, who didn't even get to pitch. He of the famous Yadier Molina exploratory vaginoplasty.

3. Our bullpen? Still shitty. SHITTAY.

4. D.Lee and Fuku - favorites of WAIW - may also be gone. This will cause great WAIW sadness.

5. That HR to Pujols to tie the game on Sunday? Fucking BRUTAL.


1. Randy Wells pitched 7 nice innings of shutout ball. No shit.


3. I caught the majority of Saturday's game, including the ending, on WGN while driving to a barbecue at my parents' house. It was superb. The ninth inning was the kind of thing that keeps me listening to the Cubs no matter how bad we get.

4. Castro and Colvin ... dang. To think that a couple of years ago we wouldn't trade Feix Pie to get Brian Roberts. Crazy, no?

5. We won a series over the Cards. I don't care how bad we are, that always feels good.

Tomorrow night, TRL pitches what will probably be his last game for our Chicago Cubs. Wear pinstripes to work tomorrow. Black pinstripes. To grieve.