WAIW Roundtable: Good Guy, Bad Team

Thursday, July 15, 2010

WAIW Roundtable: Good Guy, Bad Team

. Thursday, July 15, 2010

I will note that this question was asked - and answered - prior to Marlon Byrd's All Star Game heroics. Clearly, our esteemed collective of bloggers knows a good thing when they see it. On to the question:

All the despairing coverage of this year's dismal team, mainstream and blog, has focused on the word "unlikable." And while there's no denying that even Carlos Zambrano's mother thinks he's being kind of a dick, we're clearly still watching for a reason. Who on this year's team do you like best, and why? Show your work.

The Ted Lilly Fan Club

Mrs. TLFC tells us that, in the Eclipse debate, she's on Team Edward. Normally, we'd be upset and demand marriage counseling but, in this case, we're fine with her adoration b/c it gives us an excuse to officially reaffirm our admiration for a certain lefty from Torrance, CA (who, yes, also has great hair). Yes, that's right--we admit it! We're on Team Ted. Sure--by nature of our by-laws, we are legally obliagted to "like" Ted best but what's not to like? Crafty lefty? Check. Death stare that causes Medusa to turn to stone? Ummm, yep. Chiseled hunk? Check. Friend to animals? Check. Willingness to give up 4 HRs on America's Birthday b/c a sick child asked him to? Yep. Are you not entertained?

Sure, DLee will probably get Veteran's Committee votes, Byrd is lone All-Star and Tyler Colvin is decent (prob b/c his name contains "TL") but, as our general counsel instructed us to say, Ted is our choice.

Jen, Cub Blogging

The only player hitting above .300, Marlon Byrd, is keeping my head out of the oven -- at least for now. After all, the "Byrd is the Word" signage is much more sensible than "It's Gonna Happen". Plus he shares in our endless pain of trying to blog about this excruciating team. Lest we forget, he's removed the skid mark on the initials MB. And…I've got season tickets to his gun show.


Sadly, I watch very little. When I watch I'm interested in the young players. Castro, Colvin, Cashner and to a lesser extent Wells and Soto. Beyond that I'm waiting for Bears Camp.

Ace, Bleacher Nation

My favorite this year has been Aramis Ramirez. He makes me believe that I, too, could be a Major League baller.

But seriously, it's gotta be Marlon Byrd. He's not going to single-handedly carry the team, but his attitude is visibly awesome. He plays the game with extra excitement and hustle - and hey, he's been pretty damn good, too.

Cubbiejulie, A League of Her Own

I like Marlon Byrd the best for seeming to know how to play baseball.

Well said, Julie. We'll see you guys next week.