Light at End of Tunnel?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Light at End of Tunnel?

. Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is that a light we see, or just the moments before suicide?

Well hot damn. The Cubs have gone and won two games in a row and are going for their first sweep since APRIL! For those of you that forgot, the season STARTS IN APRIL. The months May and June have come and gone, with barely a series win, let alone a sweet. Yet here we are. Facing an even worse team than us, followed by a Mannyless Dodgers to end the first half. Then we start the second half with a Phillies team that has no Utley, an Astro team that is worse than us before leading into a home series against the Cards. There is no reason we couldn't (I'm not saying we will) win 10 out of the next 12 games, which would put us at 2 games under .500. Stupid optimism for a team that hasn't shown us anything good all year? Yes. Yes it is. But hell, what else do we have?

Aramis Ramirez gets high-fives from teammate Derrek Lee after Ramirez hit a two-run home run in the 6th inning.
Ramirez cowers like a step-child that just spilled his milk.

All the above nonsensical thoughts have to be based on some sort of logic, right? Well, no not really. I just threw up some wild guesses to keep my hope alive. But, if you insist, I will give you three signs that the Cubs could turn it around:

  • Ramirez starts hitting. Perhaps last night was a sign that the slump is over? Hitting 2 home runs and raking in 4 RBIs is the Ramirez we all know and (you all) love. As many of you know, I've been about as big of an Aramis fan as NAMBLA is of parents. However, I still recognize that we have a much higher degree of success when he is hovering the .300 range. If, IF, last night was a turning point, there is no reason the rest of the bats follow suit and we go on a streak because...

  • Our starting pitching is solid. Lilly, Dempster, Gorzelanny and Silva all have ERAs around the 3 mark. 3 lousy runs is all they give up, with a combined record of 15-25. You have to thing getting out of a hitting slump is a lot easier of a cure than having a shitty rotation. Anyone can hit - just ask the Irish - but few can go out for 6 to 7 innings and keep you in it. That being said, we need to pick up one more set-up man for the bullpen to get it to...

  • Marmol. Yes, he is a heart attack in a uniform. But, when coming in as a closer, he is getting better every outing. 70 strike-outs in 40.2 innings pitched. He is striking out over half of the people he faces. That, combined with a sub-2 ERA, gives me reason to believe we can win close games when in his hands.
So there, some "logic" for my hope. It's better than nothing.