Derrek Lee: Destroyer of Worlds

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Derrek Lee: Destroyer of Worlds

. Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starlin Castro: Young. Talented. Nerd.

Now THIS, this was the game we've been waiting for since ... I dunno, late May 2009? Derrek Lee snapped out of it (at least for one game), Dempster was ample enough, and Marmol looked like Marmol (filthy) for another night. Sure, it came against Gio Gonzalez, but six runs in five innings is superb.

And he looks so happy about it!

At this point, it's a good thing the Cubs could turn on some pretty baseball. Not only are the Jekyll/Hyde Angels of the Greater Southern California Regional Area coming into town, but between the Cups (Stanley and World), D.Lee's powerful game served to say "hey! We're still here, dicks. Remember when you jackasses kept taking the train in from Wheaton and driving ticket prices northward of $80? Where are you now jagoffs?" (Note: possibly my thoughts). The only way it could have been better would have been if Aramis Ramirez had risen from the grave and cranked a triple down the right field line.

Castro and Colvin both had promising evenings - Castro walked twice, singled, and sac-flied, Colvin cranked a solid double in relief of Xavier Nady. "Perhaps," thought I, "this young man should get more at-bats." Then I saw this picture:

... or maybe not.


KD said...

OMG, that last pic made me laugh out loud, and I loves me some Tyler Colvin!!!