Cubs Media: A Kinder, Gentler Andre

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cubs Media: A Kinder, Gentler Andre

. Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remember last week's Awesome Dawson Kersplosion? Probably not as much as you remember Dan Roan's hideous shirt. I bet that thing still keeps you screaming awake in the dark, black hours before dawn, cursing a universe that would unleash such a thing on a vulnerable world where truly, if God exists, he is cruel and indifferent ... um, but anyway, how about another Andre Dawson video? Given that we've showed you his terrifying side, we figured it'd be good to go back to the good old Andre we've all loved as kids.

Ah, that blank contract - one of my favorite moments in Cubs history. Just listen to this commercial and try to picture Andre's Hall of Fame plaque in a Montreal hat. It's so divorced from reality that I really don't even care he isn't going in as a Cub. He referred to the Expos as "lost time" - but hey, I'm not some pompous, dessicated sportswriter with raging hemorrhoids and a misplaced sense of fundamentalism about the game as a sacred place. Nope, the Hawk will always be a Cub to me first and foremost, and I reckon that's enough.

Oh, and drive Chevy, or something. I'm still a little lost on that part.


Steve said...

is it just me, or does the still from the video in the post look like you are about to watch a Lionel Richie video?