Weekend Recap: Living the Dream

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Recap: Living the Dream

. Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your faithful WAIW editors (plus our Special Correspondent) enjoyed a weekend full of games at Wrigley over the previous four-day period. Well, enjoyed and "enjoyed," depending on how the game was going. Zambrano's kersplsion on Friday didn't do us any favors, and Saturday only briefly got exciting after Fukudome pulled a triple out of the jaws of defeat. Marlon Byrd and Ryan Theriot then gingerly placed it back into the jaws of defeat, thus bumming out the entire EOC crew, who was hating from the bleachers. Yet Sunday pulled a double whammy of a comeback win and a Blackhawks win from the bar, and last night's late-inning Aramis heroics are the reason I never leave a game early. Three men, four days, nine games in total.

Rather than recapping each game - tedious! - I'm going to go ahead and give you 10 observations from four Cubs games in four days - lazy!

Life Lessons: Four Games in Four Days

1. Losing the seventh game in a row to the Pirates will make a man drink, eat Chicago's Pizza, and repeat the process until they (a) finally see a win or (b) die in a gutter.

2. That bandwagon that drove up ticket prices in late '07 and 2008? Oh, it's definitely gone. I bought the above-pictured seat at 10:17 on Sunday morning before the game.

3. Calling Zambrano a setup man in erroneous ... we will now all him a giveaway man. Good lord he was awful.

4. Geovany Soto is very quietly having a great season. Last time I checked (Sunday), he was leading the NL in OBP. Say whaaaaat?

5. So apparently a Johnathan Toews Cubs jersey exists, at least for one man. Are we trying to jinx the Hawks?

Five more, after the jump!

6. Starlin Castro keeps hitting, and I continue to remain skeptical. I will do so until a day before he comes back to earth. That's how it works.

7. LARGE GUY IN EDMONDS JERSEY! So many questions ...

8. Were they booing or saying Gra-boo? (It was the second one)

9. The eggs at Salt and Pepper are really buttery and delicious, especially for diner eggs. Sub-point: No one I mentioned this to seemed to give a crap.

10. We are clearly good at enjoying the Cubs in a down year. People in the 400 level? Not so much. But the mid-game seat upgrade was nice.