Marlins 3 - Cubs 2: Sweet Fancy Moses, We're Bad

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marlins 3 - Cubs 2: Sweet Fancy Moses, We're Bad

. Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had a dream last night that the Cubs after an early defensive battle, the Cubs put an early two scores on the board, followed it up with a decisive third, and then kept up the pressure for a decisive 5-1 victory. And by dream, I mean hockey game. This is not a Blackhawks blog (or Bears, or anything else my lady reminds me when I start getting "grass is greener" thoughts of blogging), but I've included these Blackhawks pictures anyway, because the Trib has no Cubs game pictures for us to steal borrow. Also, check out this next one - is this not absolutely perfect for Cubs fans to sympathize?

We are not alone in our universe of suffering - but at least we don't put gravy on french fries.

Probably because they're too embarrassed to post them. Randy Wells was good again last night. Fuku went 3-2 at leadoff. Lee and Castro got a couple of hits. And that's about it for positivity. Seriously, how depressing was that offensive performance? 3-2 doesn't really effectively communicate the fact that they quickly went up 3-0 and we spent most of the game kicking ourselves in the junk.

You want junk kicking? Ricky Nolasco shut us down last night. Name sound familiar? Yeah, we traded him for Juan Pierre. That's now four in a row down the toilet - and 7 of the last 8, lest we forget the Pirates sweep. Gah.

Now allow me a brief moment to pretend I won't be listening to today's game.