A Win, A Loss, A Microcosm

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Win, A Loss, A Microcosm

. Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost reminds you of Carlos Zambrano, except he is, you know, a starting pitcher

So the Cubs announce that they are going to move Zambrano to the bullpen, then Zambrano lookalike has a solid game in one of the Cubs best games of the year so far, beating the Mets 9-3. Silva is the new ace, Soriano is a solid hitter...if this was a sitcom I'd say "who are you and what have you done with my Cubs." Alas, the elation was short-lived as the Cubs lose the series closer to go a miserable 1-3 against a miserable Mets team. Its almost as awful as going 1-2 at home against the Astros.

More increasing bitter words, after the jump.

Easy there, Fred Astaire

I still don't know what to make of this year's team. These guys always seem to have awful Aprils, but I haven't developed any emotional connection with them. Not like the 2008 team, which was easily one of the personal favorites of what I will dub the "obsession era" of my fandom (circa 1998 - present), and not like the 2009 team, which has to be my least favorite team of said era. Perhaps it is because I have been very busy and haven't caught as many games as typical, but also probably has to do with every time I do watch them they don't look very good. For example, I missed the Wednesday game, save some cursory updates, and I split my time for the Thursday game between the Hawks and Cubs. Literally this second, Lee made the final out. All the time I have spent in between periods of the Hawks watching, I have seen nothing but dismalness. I need to avoid getting bitter. How do we do that here? C'mon, you know it has to be some inane, unrelated video clip:

Now that we have blissful memories of our youth and forgot that the Cubs are 6-10, we can focus on a weekend series against division rivals. So please, try to win some games, there are only so many cartoons that I watched as a kid that can make me forget.