WAIW Pub Crawl: Reminder Edition

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WAIW Pub Crawl: Reminder Edition

. Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Saturday marks the second editions of the Wasting Away in Wrigleyville pub crawl. This year, we will not be fighting with some douch-ass corporate bar crawl (sort of like shooting at a range, not as cool as the real thing) and will have approximately twice as many people. As a result, we were able to negotiate some better drink deals at most of the bars, and we will have to go over the preferred procedures for making everything run as smoothly as possible.

In order to expedite everything, we strongly encourage everyone to pay with cash versus opening tabs at bars. Additionally, when there is no special deal to be had with drafts, please try to order bottles to be served as fast as possible. Like last year, we will be sending a first wave of people over to the next bar in between 1 and 2 outs in the bottom of every inning, for those badasses that have finished their drinks faster than the weakasses. PLEASE have your IDs ready at each bar so everyone can get in as soon as possible. As there is only approximately 20 – 25 minutes at each bar, it is important we don’t get delayed in the minutia of such details as legality.

As for the specials, we have arranged for the following:

Merkle’s (2nd Inning) - $4 pints of Miller, Bud or Coors; $4 Jameson shots

Mullen’s (3rd Inning) - $3 pints of Miller or Coors

Harry Caray’s (5th Inning) - $5 Bacardi Cocktails, $3.50 Blue Moon Drafts, $3 Coors Light Bottles

Captain Morgan Club (6th Inning) - ½ price appetizers, $5 pitchers of Bud and Bud Light, $5 20oz. Jeremiah Weed or Smirnoff Lemonades, $5 20oz. Captain Cubbies.

Murphy’s Bleachers (9th Inning) - $10 pitchers of Bud Light

Regarding the other bars…the probably didn’t respond so we will shock the hell out of them by showing up for 25 minutes, rocking the shit out of their faces, then leaving. I just hope the Dugout is open this year, but if not…well hell, that’s what makes for an adventure.

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Remember, if you ordered a shirt and haven’t picked it up yet, it will be available for you on Saturday. If you didn’t buy a shirt, there is a VERY limited amount of extra shirts available for purchase at $12 each.

Additionally, we will be live blogging again, so if you can't make it in person, please follow along on the blog.