WAIW Pub Crawl: Liver Failure in Nine Acts

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WAIW Pub Crawl: Liver Failure in Nine Acts

. Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ok, so we're done drinking Pedialyte and eating recovery burritos. That only took - what, four days? Good lord, what a Pub Crawl. We expected a good turnout, but were well aware that Facebook is not a legally binding agreement. So imagine our surprise when damn near everyone actually did turn up. If real life always turned out like the Internet, I wouldn't have spent those three years locked in that weirdo's basement, surviving off of bugs and cursing the Deep Space 9 message boards. But I digress.

Ladies and gentlemen, we did it again. Nine bars, nine innings, with some industrious crawlers substituting the Sports Corner for the closed (oh, come on!) Dugout. Add Lucky's pre-game and extra innings at the Gingerman and D'Agostino's, you're talking a shit-ton of beer. And the baseball was pretty good too - people swear an honest-to-god Fukudome homer happened. I believed them until they also told me that Soriano homered. Come on, guys. At least tell believable lies.

We also managed to create a veritable blog summit - Corey from Ivy Envy and about half of the Exile on Clark crew showed up. Turns out they exist in real life, and can hold their Malort to boot.

Live blogging this year wasn't as good as last year - the downward spiral isn't pictured quite so clearly. But suffice to say, the wheels fell of at D'Agostino's. We'll follow this up with the best pictures of the crawl in a separate post - to make you feel all special and loved. Until then, enjoy the live blog, after the post.

Live Blogging

Posted by John at 10:23 AM

Daddy needs a drink. The Pub Crawl ... AWAKENS!

The earliest drinkers - which is to say, the baddest-ass.

Posted by John at 11:08 AM

We have commenced. Find Michelle Riopel if you want to buy tickets for Monday May 17 - vs the Rockies - for a scant 15 bucks. Note: Still true. Send us an e-mail if you're interested in getting some.

Laying the base.

I could eat one of these every day. You want to drink for a solid nine hours, you eat several types of meat topped with fries and slaw.

Posted by John at 11:56 AM

To the Yard!

Ummm ... ok?

This is why live texting in bars (I imagine this is a national thing) is a terrible idea. I wonder which Buffalo Wild Wings it was that Glenn Beck sent this from.

Posted by John at 1:19 PM


Huh, so it was me. Still don't believe it.

Posted by Steve at 1:50 PM

The general public used to stand here, now...marble counters. - wolfie

In reference to the Captain Morgan Club.

Posted by Steve at 1:53 PM

Hope dugout is open!!

It was not. Bastards. Alter your pub crawl shirts to say "Stupid Jerkasses."

Posted by John

Harrt Caray's impressed by the shirts.

They were. I guess ... I was impressed that they were impressed? Meta.

Posted by John at 2:22 PM

We arrrr legind

I think I meant a different Will Smith reference. That should read. "Welcome to EARF!"

Posted by John at 3:20 PM

Justins eyeborws are ladylike

Because a Scotsman has the right to criticize grooming.

Posted by John at 4:10 PM

Unattended fries equals magic fries

Ew. No other way to take that, really.

Posted by John at 5:36 PM


I'm fairly certain that was my attempt to transcribe a Bob Dylan song.

Pub crawl pictures coming up next. Thanks for another great crawl.


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Original comments from the live blogs:

"wolfie said...

To be fair. It was some other dude who said that while I was relieving myself."

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