WAIW At the Home Opener

Thursday, April 22, 2010

WAIW At the Home Opener

. Thursday, April 22, 2010

The view from inside, where I ate caviar and spat upon the masses. Then my monocle broke, and I cried.

You may not believe me, or the tiny box in the lower left corner of our blog, but Steve and I have actually seen the Cubs win games. In person. With offense. On a nice day. At the first game of the year! Holy shit, is your mind blown? That was Twilight Zone-level mindfuckery.

I will never stop using this picture whenever his name comes up.

You know who else was in town? WAIW Special Correspondent Conrad Bradburn. He and his ladyfriend flew into town early in the morning for the game. I mean it - just for the game. After a solid Cubs victory and a celebratory post-game burger and beer, they flew the fuck back to Nashville. Imagine such a thing - they booked a flight for a day trip to Chicago, only to see the Cubs, drink some cold Old Style, and fly back. The weather could have turned out shit, like every other Opening Day ever. The Cubs could have sucked, like a disturbing amount of games so far this year. But no, the weather was beautiful, the Cubs excellent, and the day worth a flight up from Music City. That is why the man is WAIW's one and only Special Correspondent.

We drank some beer and made this video on the way into the game. Why we decided to face the street, rather than the stadium, is anyone's guess. Please to enjoy.

I'm so doughy. I need to start throwing up like all the skinny guys at school. Someone create an After School Special, before it's too late!