My First Recap of the Year! (cubs lose)

Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Recap of the Year! (cubs lose)

. Friday, April 16, 2010

It is very rare when a picture can even make you think to Google this.

A day after proudly reaching .500 (read: this could be a long season), the Cubs fall back to under the even mark. Listening to the game off and on makes it especially hard to recap what exactly happened, but all I really needed to know about the game can be summed up in a text from John: Samardzija throwing. That simple two-word phrase pretty much gave me all I needed to know. We were going to lose.

Someone clearly got picked on by jocks in high school

Coming into the game, Eric Stoltz in Mask (henceforth to be known as ESiM) inherited a tie-ball game. Leaving he game, the Cubs inherited a 2 run deficit going into the 9th (pop-culture analogy: Britney Spears going from JT to K-Fed; political analogy: balanced budget from Clinton to Bush throwing it all away; scientific analogy: atom all of the sudden having more electrons than protons; sigh, you get the point). On the bright side, by only giving up 2 runs in his 2 innings, ESiM was able to bring his ERA down to a 16.2. I'm fairly certain the tee in T-Ball games gives up less runs.

Ramirez counts the number of good pitches ESiM has on his fingers

Ahh, that was good to get out. Clearly we at WAIW are not fans. Notre Dame hatred aside - I could forgive that if he actually performed. That isn't to say that the team played particularly well. Zambrano struggled again, throwing 120+ pitches in 5 inning. Offensively, things seem to slowly be coming together after the first week (and Byrd and Colvin continue to earn their way into the lineup). Fortunately for us, we have the Astros coming into town for the weekend, who became the last team to get a win in MLB today (double-bonus-no-wammys-style against the Cards).