Cubs 2 - Braves 0: Well, That's More Like It

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cubs 2 - Braves 0: Well, That's More Like It

. Friday, April 9, 2010

"Good game, good game. Remember - I'm not Milton Bradley. Good game, good game."

My euphoria over the first win of the season - when contrasted with my recap post yesterday - demonstrates pretty clearly that I'm in midseason form when it comes to overactive emotional responses. The Cubs, it's likely, are neither as bad or as good as I've come to believe. Regardless, while last night might have been fairly boring for an outside observer - I mean really, a 2-0 game with solo shots isn't the stuff of classics - it was thrilling to see the Cubs not throw the fans into a rage. Well, every Cub but John Cotts Grabow, who has already cemented 2010 Most Hated status, because Jeff Samardzija likely won't be around long.

Pre-emptive schoolgirlish glee over Tyler Colvin, after the jump.

Tyler Colvin: Faster than the speed of bat.

The story of last night was Tyler Colvin, who scored the eventual wining run with his first career home run off Tommy Hanson in the second. Marlon Bryd added another in the fourth, just to remind everyone he isn't Milton Bradley. Other than that? Poof. Not much offense. D-Lee managed a hit, as did 3 1/2-Finger Hill, but that was it for Cub offense. Our leadoff man? Still rocking zero hits on the season, because he is leadoff poison and has what baseball pundits term "a stupid face." You may not guess it, but Atlanta outhit us 8-4. Having lost a game just like this to them last year, I'd say to Braves fans enjoy it, you jorts-wearing chaw swallowers.

It's nice to type Carlos Marmol (Filthy) again, if only for one magical night.

Hitting might not have been great last night, but the pitching was mostly enjoyable for a second consecutive night. If Randy Wells keeps pitching like his, we're going to have to append "Fan Favorite" to his name. Jake at EOC rightly points out that Randy is poised to become a right-handed Ted Lilly type. Sean Marhshall? Steady as a rock. Esmailin Caridad? Promising. Marmol? Fillllllllthy. Damn it feels good to say that. You know who sucks? John Grabow. Again. One thing to do, and he can't even do it right. I dub thee Grabby Cotts-Ohman. MY BLOG KINGDOM FOR A LEFTY LATE RELIEVER!


Today has Fatty McFatterson starting against Homer Bailey, the time-traveling baseball adventurer from the 1880s. Enjoy!


wolfie said...

Randy Wells: Cy Young Contender
Alfonso Soriano: Sigh, Old.

Sorry, sorry, I let the ridiculousness out a little early.