Baseball is Back. McRib Remains AWOL ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baseball is Back. McRib Remains AWOL ...

. Monday, April 5, 2010

... but one out of two isn't bad, right? After an offseason of semi-regular posts, we here at WAIW are ramping up to return to full-time baseball blogging. Sure, last year was a massive disappointment, but there's something freeing about the falling away of World Series expectations. Instead of constant anxiety over the lost 2008 playoffs and the closing window of expectation, we're just hoping to cross a few items off of this humble laundry list:

- Soriano hitting ... well, anything, really in April and May
- Marlon Byrd not accusing us of racism
- Wild Card contention in August
- Fukudome hitting over .280 past June
- Kevin Gregg, Aaron Heilman, and Aaron Miles never again showing up in blue pinstripes
- Marmol either getting under control or committing manslaughter with a fastball juuuust outside the zone

Our wait is over. This, as always, is The Year. And I, for one, cannot wait.


Bree said...

Wooooooooooo! So glad baseball is back.

Down in Florida, we have the McRib right now. Though this is far outweighed by a lack of live Cubs baseball.

KD said...

This is SOOOOOO The Year! The boys seem very relaxed this year and dare I say-having fun? I think this is gonna be a fun team this season. I can't wait to see what happens! GO CUBS!

And welcome back to the blogosphere, WAIW. Your insights will be much appreciated. ;)