Cubs WOO Media WOO Monday WOO

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cubs WOO Media WOO Monday WOO

. Monday, March 15, 2010

I have conflicting feelings toward Ronnie Woo Woo. On one hand, he's been able to take a team we all love and use it as an anchor to an often unstable and tragic life. I've met the guy, and he's really nice, as well. His autograph is one of many scrawled on my hat that have worn away through a combination time and sweaty head. Yet the memories remain. On the other hand, I wouldn't really like to sit next to him when he's doing his Old Leather Lungs routine. Even the jerkoffs who yell "Freebird" at concerts eventually stop. Which isn't to say that I mean Mr. Woo Woo is said pejorative. As I've said, he's a rather nice chap, but the potential annoyance level is quite high. And considering ticket prices, that's not an idle complaint. Then again, as a Cubs fan, I'm clearly accustomed to love/hate relationships.

You know what I don't hate? Cheesy local commercials. Especially this one, which distills the Woo Woo phenomenon rather nicely. Enjoy yourselves, especially you transplanted ex-Illinoisans:

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If you've never heard Mr. Woo Woo in action, you may be surprised to see that the word/woo/word/woo shtick isn't as loud or booming as people seem to expect. It's kind of hoarse, a bit raspy. You'd be raspy too if you were known professionally for screaming well past the point of human tolerance. Beginning to see how a pair of bloggers might like an unofficial mascot in theory, but adopt a "not in my section" attitude in practice? The team's had this problem for a bit as well. Relations have varied from welcoming to frosty.

In the end, I'd rather have a guy with a yell that sounds like the most painful hiccups ever than be one of the league's many bland-ass teams. Quick, what is Seattle known for? Florida? How about Texas? Nothing. We'll take Ronnie after all. He doesn't creep me out nearly as much as a bear suit.


Angry Mike said...

Florida is known for winning World Series Championships. I'd trade Ronnie for that.

I suppose their also known for being cheap and selling almost no regular season tickets.