Happy Ticket Day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Ticket Day!

. Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey! That looks ... fun? Don't these people have computers?

Today, regardless of the pall cast by previous team decisions, was the real Cubs Ticket Day. This has long been a cherished holiday with WAIW. There's nothing like the nervousness of wondering if you're going to be able to get tickets for the game you absolutely have to go to. It's like some kind of strange delayed gratification Christmas. And when we're talking delayed gratification, Cubs fans are the best.

Brief Presale Rant - Feel Free to Skip

I cannot get over the fact that before the joy of ticket day, the team decided that the bullshit presale (20 percent markup, 15 percent with MasterCard) was a good idea. The team scaled their own fucking tickets. For that, I wish upon them years like the early '90s, when I was a kid and Cubs tickets were easier to obtain than schoolgirl panties in Japan. Fuck that "screw the fans" attitude, and fuck every single Wheaton-ite who threw down the AmEx Platinum to participate in this fisting of the fanbase.

Listen, Ricketts, I don't know how they do things in Duckburg, but around here, we don't appreciate you scalping your own damn tickets.

Another Cubs Blog called it a success. Another Cubs Blog is clearly for facists who listen to the folk music stylings of Steven Segal. I hope they've got a statistical projection about how hard they should be kicked in the balls for endorsing the idea.

End Rant

This ticket day was different than others. As it happens, I'm getting married in August. This means that I am officially ass-poor when it comes to throwing money around at things not related to catering, flowers, haberdashery, etc. So it's one game, and one game only. Sure, I'll be catching a couple games of a weekend series against the Pirates in May, taking in a rooftop game (for cancer - Save the TaTas!) against the Cards early on, and having a group outing the week of my wedding. But Ticket Day today would allow only one purchase. So many choices - but really, only one I even considered. Opening Day.

Jeff MacNelly's "Shoe" comic strip - blatantly lifted from Shoecomics.com. If we say it, then it isn't sleazy of us to use it, right? Please don't sue, Jeff. We are also Cubs fans. And poor.

Prior to the 2007 season, I decided that I'd be making Opening Day a tradition. I'd take my brother, down a pitcher by myself (he's underage, see) at Salt & Pepper with a breakfast burrito, and enjoy the taint-chillingest day of baseball the North Side has to offer. I've made all 3 years since - the Cubs lost those first two before Robot Ted Lilly won it last year by his inability to feel cold ... or human emotions. Each time, I've been convinced at some point or another that the game was definitely going to be called off. In 2007, it snowed. 2008 brought pouring rain, a loss to the Brewers, and an abiding love for Kosuke Fukudome that remains to this day, despite a .255 batting average. Last year was the most miserable yet, but the Cubs won, which tempered everything nicely. This year I predict some sort of freakish Snow Tornado. But was I able to get tickets? Well, I had a strategy ....

Strategy! It's important to have something else to do while this is going on - like transcribing something - so you don't go insane staring at the word "virtual" for minutes at a time. Words will cease to make sense, and you'll start writing horrible beatnik poetry.

Even with that, I just barely got the last pair I could. One day they're going to change the ticketing system, and I am going to be shit out of luck. But for now, it looks like the brother and I are going to Opening Day once again.


swiz said...

no kidding on the computer musing...I know some people prefer the lines, but not I.