Blind Optimism

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blind Optimism

. Monday, February 15, 2010

Kevin Tapani - one year of success yields years of optimism

Today I had a conversation about how I feel the Cubs are going to outperform the mediocre-at-best expectations set for them this year. I understand the argument - no key additions to a team that was at-best-mediocre last year. But I take another side. Let's not forget, the Cubs team last year had lofty expectations to be the best in the NL and compete for a Series. This year, similar team, no expectations. Taking away expectations from the Cubs is like taking away the cases of beer at your softball game - all the sudden you actually have a chance at winning (though the former yields more fun than the latter). I went on to say that I think Z has a chance at winning 20 games this year...but I went on to say that I had the same thoughts about Kevin Tapani in 1999, 2000 and 2001:

More you-know-where-this-is-headed after the jump.

The last time I allowed past performance dictate future expectations

This led me to think: what makes me think previous successes translate into future achievement? And the only thing I could come up with was that this is what being a Cubs fan is.

Maybe it was the Sandberg game:

Or A-Ram beating the Sox in extras:

Or maybe it was Kerry Wood striking out 20:

Whatever it is for you, there is always that one memory that you have that makes you always have faith in your player. Is it rational? No. But I would take blind optimism to jaded pessimism any day.

So yes, I think the Cubs are going to really surprise people this year. Just like I have for the past 25 years.


Angry Mike said...

I have noticed that in spite of recent regular season success, a lot of Cubs fans (and bloggers to be specific) have become massive defeatists.

Although older the offensive core of this team remains intact and if they can avoid injuries I see no reason they can't compete. I mean what are the odds that Wainwright and Carpenter put together as many starts this season as they did last.

The stars really lined up against the Cubs last season and I expect improvements from Soriano and Soto. If Nady gets back to being close to his old self this offense could be scary.

Steve said...

Bear in mind Soto is reporting to camp not Elvis fat nor Snoop high.

Mark my words: Soto has a successful year, this team is one of the tops in the NL.

John said...

I'll admit to the cynicism. I believe it's because my team has started SCALPING THEIR OWN DAMN TICKETS.