Actual Journalism: WAIW Interviews Ryan Flaherty

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Actual Journalism: WAIW Interviews Ryan Flaherty

. Thursday, February 18, 2010

Between our lamentations, cursing, and relentless scouring of YouTube for old Cubs commercials, it's fair to say that Steve and I don't necessarily practice hard journalism. Of course, the income we make from koozies is dwarfed by ... well, you know, our actual jobs. And it's difficult for an accountant and a writer to break news while we're working for The Man. So we try to keep things fun. Which, if you only read some blogs, would seem like a novel idea.

Pictured: the new WAIW special correspondent. Damn straight. Man's got good taste in stickers.

But you know who did have the time and energy to do some actual, factual, journalism-ing? Newly-minted WAIW Special Correspondent Conrad Bradburn. You see, Conrad, aside from having an awesome name for an industrial magnate or James Bond supervillain, also works in the Vanderbilt University media relations department. You know who went to Vanderbilt? Well, yes, Jay Cutler, but we're trying to keep this positive. The actual answer is Cubs infield prospect Ryan Flaherty. That's what we in the business call an "in."

Flaherty - nickname Flash - was the 41st overall pick in the 2008 draft. He was a 2nd team All-American in 2007, his last year at Vanderbilt. In 2009, he led all Cubs minor leaguers in home runs. He's currently ranked the #9 prospect in a Cubs system that ended last year a lot stronger than most observers expected at the season's beginning. We could very well be paying to see this man someday soon. If the Cards are in town on a sunny Saturday, we may very well end up paying an assload for 500-level seats. And it will still be worth it. But I blather on. Winter has made me crazy. Without further ado, and with great thanks and an official title to Conrad, we present Flaherty's interview. Conrad is shooting, and one of his colleagues in the department is conducting the actual interview. It turned out well. We hope you enjoy.


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