Cubs Sign Xavier Nady: WAIW Mulling Nicknames

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cubs Sign Xavier Nady: WAIW Mulling Nicknames

. Tuesday, January 26, 2010

World Series, here we ... remain. Watching you with envy.

You heard it here first third eventually - the Cubs have officially signed free agent outfielder Xavier Nady. Nady, according to other people who pay more attention, is going to get between $3-5.5 million, depending on how he performs.

Tip: Searching for one X on the Internet is safe. Any more, and I can't guarantee your eye safety.

This has the possibility to be a decent signing. X.Nad (eh? Maybe?) hit .305 in 2008 before his arm kersploded and he underwent Tommy John surgery. If he can regain that form, maybe we'll see fewer Soriano whiffs, Fukudome backward Ks, or Marlon Byrd ... whatever Marlon Byrd does. More exciting to WAIW is the fact that Racer X (meh) hasn't accused the fanbases of any of his previous teams of racism.

But where does the signing of Professor X (clearly reaching here) leave the beloved and bemustached Reed Johnson? Hell if I know - I had just finished eating a TV dinner in the work cafeteria when I heard the news. I am not your go-to source for anything but koozies and Roadhouse references.

So ... any more suggestions on the nickname? We're going with X.Nad, right?


Corey said...

His real name is Xavier Clifford Nady VI. So at Ivy Envy, we're calling him "Cliffy Six Nad".

Cole said...

XaNady(u)? He even looks a bit like Gene Kelly.

Anonymous said...

XaNa- Pronounced ZayNay

You heard it here.