WAIW Welcomes New Insect Overlords

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WAIW Welcomes New Insect Overlords

. Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's hard to keep up the blogging during this time of year, as you may have noticed. No Cubs baseball, not yet the offseason. We've been Waiting For Next Year for an uncomfortably long time, yet haven't been able to dwell in the land of wild speculation that is the off-season acquisition market. Aw, raspberries. But at least we'll never have to hear about how the new ownership deal is almost done. Just so damn close to being done. We've been hearing that shit since before last season began, and I was fairly convinced that that bridge toll who fucked up the Trib would half-assedly own our beloved team forever. But Tom Ricketts has won this parade of blandish white men, and so we offer our congratulations.

The vibe seems pretty positive around Cubdom for the arrival of our new Ant Overlord, but as a cynical son of a bitch, I can't help but wonder if Washingtonians thought Dan Snyder would do a crackerjack job for the Redskins. But there I go, acting all Cubs fan-y again. Welcome, Tom. Don't make us a laughingstock. Or, rather, try to end that current condition with as much expediency as possible. We wuv you.


Chip Wesley said...

Classic episode.

"Awww, they were about to show a close up of the rod!"