WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 27: Sisyphean Fandom

Friday, October 2, 2009

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 27: Sisyphean Fandom

. Friday, October 2, 2009

We at WAIW are lucky enough to be acquainted with the operators of a bunch of excellent Cubs blogs. Every Friday throughout the 2009 season, we're going to bring as many of them as we can together to share their thoughts on being Cubs fans. This week - our fan habits in the face of mounting apathy:

With the Cubs 2009 season receiving a time of death announcement weeks ago, the Cubs have dropped out of the minds of many Chicagoans. Clearly, we're all fairly hardcore Cubs fans here, but a depressing spate meaningless games with the Pirates would be trying for any fan. How - if at all - has your Cubs routine changed since The Year officially turned into Crap Sandwich?


You mean other than putting up my blog for postseason rental?
Sadly, it hasn't changed at all.
I think this is the definition of insanity: cheering for the same time over and over again and expecting a different result.


There's no longer a fight to the death with Mr. Jen for the bigger TV when the Cubs play on NFL Sunday, I attended my baby niece's baptism despite its scheduling conflict with the Cards series, and I've been taking lots & lots of naps.


I still watch or listen to parts of each game. I really don't care about the outcomes. It's strange, I guess I'm following these games like they were Spring Training. It's great to hear Pat Hughes call a baseball game. Beyond that, I'm turning my attention to the playoff teams.

Ted Lilly Fan Club

Sadly, Cubs fans have gotten fat on crap sandwiches for the last hundred years and change so, in the name of consistency, this year hasn't been any different. In terms of our Cubs routine, we have made a few changes to reflect the end of the season.

First, we have put away the Sanka and Bud Extra for the season. The Sextra cocktail is perfect for baseball season (smooth, honest, patriotic) but feels a bit strange in football season. For that, we put on the grandpa hat and focus squarely on bottles and bottles of Virginia Gentleman bourbon. Second, we can now finally wash off the painted on #30 Lilly jersey that we've been "wearing" for the entire season. Sure, we got strange looks on the el, at church and when we volunteered at the soup kitchen but that's what it means to be a Tedhead. And, finally, third, we can turn our collective focus back to solving the healthcare crisis and debating merits of a 'public option' (you did know that, secretly, the TLFC is run by Professor Paul Dutton--a former Brookings Institution Scholar and author of "Different Diagnoses: A Comparitive History of Health Care Problems and Solutions in the United States and France" right?)