We Are Back! Missed Recaps Are Gone Forever!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Are Back! Missed Recaps Are Gone Forever!

. Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He may not like the taste, but you cannot argue with the results of Ovaltine

Folks, we did not abandon you. After the first ever WAIW trip (with respective girlfriends) from Boston, where we rocked out 26 pitches of a rain-cancelled-$50-stubhub-no-refunds-no-exchanges-bleacher game at Fenway, drunkenly walked the Freedom Trail and enjoyed the shortest brewery tour ever at Sam Adams ("This is a hop. Who wants to go to the tasting room?" - shortest = bestest). I returned to Chicago on Sunday night, just in time to see Jay Cutler ruin my real team, as well as my fantastical one. A couple of days of work-catchup and now back to posting regularly (John is busy schmoozing people out east still to care about you, dear reader). That being said, even in Boston, we were keeping up on the games (even watched most of the win on Friday at Cask & Flagon). And wouldn't you know it - we have gone on a bit of a streak. That, coupled with the fact that the Giants have been beating the Rockies, and we find ourselves still hanging around the Wild Card hunt.

More blind optimism before the inevitable heartbreak, after the jump

While we are now only 4 games back from the Rockies in the loss column (with a virtual tie with the Braves and the Marlins, who have played more games then us), the Brewers have gone the other way. To drive home the point, AP photographers included not 1, not 2, but 3 pictures of the Brewers sorrowfully messing with their apparel, as if rehearsing for the play Why Are We So Bad, Charlie Brown? Behold, doom and gloom:

Un-sure, Un-sure, Un-sure

Just flushed beloved goldfish Ned down toilet


The Cubs meanwhile, have their spirits up, as illustrated by the synchronized-mirror-robot celebration dance that Fukudome and Lee are practicing:

"See how close our hands can get without touching" Lee said, right before punching Fukudome in the balls.

So the Cubs have done it to me again. They have made me have hope that the season is not shot. Just in time, too. As I will be attending tonight's and tomorrow's game. Sweep the Brewers, and this could get interesting.