WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 26: The Bradley Blame Game

Friday, September 25, 2009

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 26: The Bradley Blame Game

. Friday, September 25, 2009

We at WAIW are lucky enough to be acquainted with the operators of a bunch of excellent Cubs blogs. Every Friday throughout the 2009 season, we're going to bring as many of them as we can together to share their thoughts on being Cubs fans. This week - Milton Bradley.

Now that Milton Bradley is gone, who are you placing blame with for the whole debacle? And seeing as how we're most likely going to have to eat some money to jettison the guy, what's the most amusing trade you can think of for him? My vote - send him to Philly.

WAIW Note: I believe that a general malaise about the team may be spreading. To be fair, it is quite dire. And as such, we have only two respondents to this great and powerful Roundtable. But what estimable bloggers they are, and they refuse to quit on this team. WAIW salutes you, goodsirs!

Chip Wesley

You can blame Hendry for this mess if you want but that's the easy thing to do in hindsight. Really the bulk of it has to fall on Bradley. He's been in the league for quite a while now and should have his shit figured out by this point. It's really too bad. The guy has immense talent at the plate and for whatever reason he can't quite keep his emotions in check.

I say trade him to the Nationals. It'll be a gift for them to get a veteran hitter for virtually nothing and if he's acts like a surly bastard it can draw attention away from Elijah Dukes being a punk. Or maybe Bradley could use someone like Dukes and Nyjer Morgan to mentor. He could show them how not to act.

Ted Lilly Fan Club

While some blogs might blame the departure of Matt Murton, the plague of pitching injuries or the fact that Andy White didn't get enough playing time at second base, we blame ourselves: the Ted Lilly Fan Club. Why? B/c, if we had been able to perfect our TLFC Cloning Machine, we could have fielded an entire team of Ted Lillys every day of the week (yes--we're even including off days b/c Ted Lilly clones, like their master, don't require sleep).

So, instead of the Board Game King pissing off the Cubs faithful, outfielder Ted would be showering them w/ gold glove defense and puma-like speed in right. Instead of our bullpen imploding and making us wish we had Joe-Bo back, ace closer Ted would be firing down lillyhammers in the 9th and getting us the save. And, instead of Soto having a less-than-fantasy-gold season, pitcher Ted would be playing pitch and catch with catcher Ted for nine innings.

Cubs would win, fans would rejoice and Joe Buck could rot in hell...Ahhhh to dream.

Le End