Hou Cares?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hou Cares?

. Tuesday, September 1, 2009

With no hope for the playoffs, both teams start auditions for Dancing With The Stars

This has been the hardest year for me as a Cubs fan. I really haven’t found anything to like about this team, and they certainly haven’t been winning, which makes even the most unlikeable (ahem Milton Bradley) player enjoyable. What is unfortunate is that I haven’t been able to stop caring. Every game I feel the need to watch, or, if unable to watch, check the score on my Blackberry as frequently as the Kevin Bacon shows his penis. Even this past weekend, in which I was on vacation, I had to check the score every time I got a signal and even felt the need to stream the audio from my phone to my car stereo (i.e. me refreshing repeatedly while swerving at 90 MPHs). So naturally, as soon as I got home last night, I turned on the game and was sucked in to another 3 hour journey of no hope.

More depression, after the jump.

Hop on the Cardinals bandwagon!

In an awful twist of fate from the first half of the season, the starting pitching has been awful with the bullpen picking up the slack. I guess awful may be a relative term, but if we are over 3 runs behind, we are not coming back to win. This is no Grimm’s tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady will not win this race. The Cardinals are not going to stop and go around in circles not knowing which way the ending line is (unless La Russa’s driving).

Tejada pulled his hammy, much like every time John had to run in softball - ba-zing!

Unfortunately for me, we have been able to remain close enough to the Wild Card to keep me coming back. I will watch tonight, and should we win, I will go on my “now if the Rockies and Giants keep on losing and the Cubs can win 5 in a row, HOT DAMN!” tangent. Oh well, I didn’t become a Cubs fan for it to be easy.


J.J. said...

Love the headline. Even with the awful season we have all had to live through, there is always some humor in the Blogsphere to keep us sane.