Double Recap Madness: Cubs Validate Milwaukee Inferiority Complex

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double Recap Madness: Cubs Validate Milwaukee Inferiority Complex

. Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"What's Japanese for 'Up high, broseph'?"

The titanic ... yawwwwwwn ... battle for second in the division is still raging. And the Cubs are riding a 3-game winning streak following a pair of wins over that team from the timeshare to the north. And yea there was much rending of XXXL Packers jerseys and gnashing of ... tooth. Prince Fielder, upon learning that the Cubs had handily secured the season series over the Brewers, ate an entire wedding cake and cried himself to sleep.

More Milwaukee jokes (they're so easy), after the jump

I've run out of Goonies jokes, but look at that goofy bastard

Monday must have been a depressing day for Mike Cameron - the Brewers outfielder hit two home runs in the game. With that offensive spark behind them, the Brewers scored a grand total of ... two runs. And at 10-2, it wasn't even close. Of course, that's what is supposed to happen when your team has Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez, and the other team has Braden Looper. Which isn't to say that Looper isn't intimidating, but, well, look at him ...

"Guess I'd better go back to prospectin' "

Gorezelanny was good enough for 9 strikeouts in 5 innings, and Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin got his first hit during his CF start. And though Tyler Colvin is currently a AA player, and probably not ready to contribute regularly at the big league level, I'll take him over Milton Bradley. Strike that - I'll take anyone over Milton Bradley. When your own teammates don't defend your being suspended for the remainder of the year, then it's probably your fault. When you do this over your entire career, then it's definitely your fault.

The neighbor kid who wears a helmet and chases cars strikes this pose too

Tuesday, while not as furious an ass-kicking, was more of the same. Randy Wells gave up only a solo HR over 7 innings, and brought his ERA down to an even 3.00. Sophomore slump next year or not, it's been fun to watch him play this year.

Fukudome, Lee, and Ramirez had big days, which explains a lot of the 7-run tally. No one else - save Tyler Colvin - had a hit. And this guy continues to be right about Ryan Theriot in the leadoff spot. He sucks. But really, if you were Lou, would you be giving a shit at this point? From Colvin to Heilman to Esmalin Caridad, it's clearly time to let the scrubs have their moment in the sun. At least we don't have to watch Milton Bradley - for the rest of the season, at the very least. My idea? Trade the guy to Philly and watch the fireworks.

Tyler Colvin - AA, but still a match for the Brewers

Today, since we've won the series, Lou has decided to start Samardzija. So maybe put on a nice movie in place of tonight's game.


J.J. said...

Oh you are so right about that movie. Watching Samardija is going to be very painful.