Double Brewed

Friday, September 18, 2009

Double Brewed

. Friday, September 18, 2009

Not even a freak, 3rd head arm helped Randy Wells' form on Thursday

Two Cubs v. Brewers games in a span of 15 or so hours. What a difference 15 hours makes. I go from optimism riding high that we have a shot at making a run for the Wild Card to being put right back in my place. Wells looked pretty awful, making it only 4 innings while giving up 5 runs (including a Grand Slam - even though they are worse off than us, the Brewers fans are still quite obnoxious, with their cheering and whatnot...the nerve!). There are only two things that can make up for having to witness such a performance: great seats and B-List celebrities. See both, after the jump.

Well...I already used my jump line. it again.

I assure you, the picture quality was greater in person

There was a lot going on for yesterday's game. The Congressional Medal of Honor convention is in town this week, so the living recipients were invited to the game. It was quite a site to see, with the American flag outstretched in the outfield with members of all branches of the military. Both teams then met for an exchange prior to the game and they recipients received on of the longer standing ovations I have been a part of. The announcer said something like, of the 43 million people to serve in the military throughout its inception, only some 3,000 have received this honor. So what you see before you is approximately the top 0.007% badass people in the world. It should also be noted that Dennis Miller, who was on hand to throw out the opening pitch and sing the stretch, was sitting relatively close to me. As the Medal of Honor recipients were exiting, he was waving at and applauding like a 12 year old outside of the Jonas Brothers hotel. And I thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, it was an awesome ceremony to see and helps put a lot of things into perspective. That calls for a WAIW Salute to all of those who serve for our country. Thanks for doing what I don't have the balls to do.

Ok, thanks for the sidetrack. I will know give you pictures and sarcasm.

Dennis Miller: Sensibly dressed man

Being in the 3rd row of section 116 wasn't enough to keep this man entertained. That about sums up Chicago's interest in this team right now.

Hard to tell, but by the outline of the hair you can probably guess that is none other than ousted douche Rob Blagojevich. I am not sure if he knows everyone wants pictures with him because they are making fun.

So we head down to St. Louis, in what looked to be a great series 3 months ago. Now, with the Cards 9 games up, even a sweep does little except probably making me excited again. I don't think anyone can say it better than Fergie, so please Cubs, don't phunk with my heart.