Cubs On A Roll!!!!!!!!!!! (sigh)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cubs On A Roll!!!!!!!!!!! (sigh)

. Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remember: things could always be worse.

The Cubs started out the game with 8 consecutive hits, tying a Major League Record. This is sort of like the Chance card I pulled last night in Monopoly, where I won second prize in the beauty contest, earning $10. We have won 2 in a row now. This is like some sort of midget high-jump, where the bar is incredibly low. But here I am, checking out the Wild Card (8 games back, 8 hits a row: coincidence? Yes.) And of course, we are playing the Pirates. It’s like beating Jim Abbott in right-handed Rock-Paper-Scissors (rock again, eh Jim?) Oh why can’t I stop watching this team?

Some more nonsense after the jump (though I already wasted all my A-material)

I believe there was a robot in Base Wars that could move the same way

Pretty much everyone piled up on Zach Duke, with my man D. Lee’s average now at .300. Dempster got his 9th win on the season in front of 17,000 masochistic individuals (they got a bridge though!). With the Cubs playing one more against the Pirates then the Reds, certainly a nice string of wins isn’t out of the question, which will hopefully get back in the race. But I should really know better.