Cubs 2 - Astros 0: One More Run Than Lilly Needs

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cubs 2 - Astros 0: One More Run Than Lilly Needs

. Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cliff Lee got 2 of the Astros' 4 hits against Lilly. He was found this morning torn to pieces by a mysterious force.

I've spent most of the last two weeks endlessly proclaiming that even in a lost season, there are still times that being a Cubs fan is sweet. It's like I was trying to convince myself. After yesterday's game, you should at least have some idea of my meaning. The season looks like it's going to die after the regular season, but damned if listening to Ted Lilly slice through the Astros wasn't a great time.

"Heyyyyy. Quiiiiiit iiiiiiit. I'm telling mom!"

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Another great development was that professional leadoff crap factory Ryan Theriot was out of the lineup, replaced at the head spot by Kosuke Fukudome and on the field by Andres Blanco, who can go 1-9 fine enough by himself. Hell, Blanco got a hit and Fukudome got on base twice. Send Theriot back to being Orlando Bloom's stunt double. Other than Derrek Lee's 2-run homer, however, there wasn't much offense to be seen. Ted Lilly got 1 more hit than the 4-8 batters combined. This was, I remind you, against Felipe Paulino, whose ERA still stands at over 6.

Your offense for 9/2/09. The entire thing.

But let's forget the offense. The Cubs certainly did yesterday. Let's instead focus on the Man Himself, Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. He went a full 8 on only 105 pitches and earned his 10th win. It's a shame he won't make it to 15 wins this year, because he looked even more dominant at points this year than at any point in his Cubs career. He and Randy Wells almost make up for Z and Dempster. Marmol was kind enough to save the game after giving his customary runner up to second base. Let's hope he uses the low-pressure remainder of the season to re-find his inner filthiness.

Today: The White Sox. The stench of evil once against descends over Wrigley. Time will tell if our offense is up to the challenge.