Breaking News! Cubs Still Playing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking News! Cubs Still Playing!

. Friday, September 25, 2009

Cubs win?

Conventional wisdom indicated that the season was over weeks ago. But wouldn't you know it...the Cubs are actually still playing baseball. Due to some sort of contractual obligation and glitch in the scheduling system, the Cubs have actually been playing almost every day for the past month, much to the surprise of many people that follow the sport. It saddens me that it has come to this, but combine an unlikable team that is not in contention with the fact that we were the NL Central champs for the past two years, and that the new fall lineup has begun ("You ate the whole thing? EVEN THE STICKER?!), it means that watching the games has become a lackluster proposition. When you see more Facebook status' concerning Glee than the Cubs, you know that interest has completely waned. So now we enter the final 10 days of the season, excited to put this behind us and debate all the moves we should make (My-Byes: Hendry, Bradley, Soriano).

Some tidbits about the game, after the jump.

The two person crane is one of the hardest moves to pull off

The Cubs did in fact win last night, with Baker hitting a home run to take the lead in the 9th, which led to Guzman hitting Lee's neck causing a spasm in the dugout. This reminds me of when the Bumbleeman goes home from work only to cause a series of incidents. Yes, a video would be great right here of what I am talking about. I agree. After 30 minutes of searching for it, however, I give up. I did find the transcript, so enjoy that:

Ay, que dia miserable a trabajo. -- Pedro the Bumblebee Man,Pedro's atrocities during the filming (or making) of the show include getting attacked by a woodpecker, becoming electrically shocked with spaghetti, and whacked with a giant baseball.  
Pedro: Ah, tiempo para relaxar en paz y quieto.  [opens a cabinet full of oranges which wallop his head]         !Ay, naranjas en la cabeza!          [flails about in his home until he finds himself stuck on a chandelier] !Ay, una candelabra precariosa!          [the chandelier is pulled free of the ceiling; bringing the ceiling down with it]  
Emma: [walking down and seeing the disaster]  !Ay! Mira que cosa tan terrible, yo no puedo entender algo como esto, como puedo vivir con un hombre tan irresponsible.  !No, no, no, no no!          [walks off, handing Pedro a divorce paper]

Reading is power!

All of Fukudome's games are broadcast for the schoolchildren

Zambrano and Lincecum battle tonight. In June, I would've planned my evening around this game. In September, its going to be a Rock Band / drinking kind of night. At least I can adapt.


Theredchannels said...

Hendry needs to work some G.D. magic this off season. 2009 was hands down his worst year with the organization and he better shape-up. There are multiple players on the Cubs right now with huge contracts and only a handful of these players delivered. I also do not understand how you put a stand-up guy like Reed Johnson in the same clubhouse as professional douchebag Bradley. Come on Hendry, get your stuff together.

Emily said...

As this unmemorable season comes to a close, I can't help but wonder...What happened to Wolfie? Did he find another blog?

wolfie said...

Emily, I'm touched by your wondering.

I'll admit, over the past couple of months, I have tried to find the humanity to forgive this season. I have tried to find the wisdom to forget this season. I have tried to find the cojones to hate this season.

But I would never, ever, try to find another blog.

wolfie said...

Ok, gonna go watch the game now. Just six and a half back, and we are playing the Pirates.

Emily said...

You're alive!