WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 22: The Inevitable Result of Sending the Question Out on Thursday

Friday, August 21, 2009

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 22: The Inevitable Result of Sending the Question Out on Thursday

. Friday, August 21, 2009

We at WAIW are lucky enough to be acquainted with the operators of a bunch of excellent Cubs blogs. Every Friday throughout the 2009 season, we're going to bring as many of them as we can together to share their thoughts on being Cubs fans. This week - I send out the question late, and get kicked in the ass for it.

Clearly, there will be some changes made after the season. Some players have been solid performers (Wells, Lee) and some need to be burned and sent to hell (Gregg, Bradley, pretty much anyone playing 2nd). Who have you been most pleased with this season, and who would you like to see out the door?

Now here's the thing. I usually try to send these out on Monday or Tuesdays. That usually leads to me actually sending it out on Wednesday morning. This time, I sent it out on Thursday, and you could predict how that would end. Big thanks to Waxpaperbeercup for the lone response. WPBC has been providing excellent responses all season, and this one is no different. It's just that this week, it's the best by default.


No surprise, I'm happy with the resurgence of DLee. He really has been this teams best position player this season after a few down seasons. It's been fun to watch considering the fact that early in the year, many of us (myself included) thought he might be done. Remember the calls for Micah Hoffpauir to play everyday at first. Boy does that look stupid now. Wells has been a great story, but I really question if this is the high water mark for Wells? I imagine it is. If it were me, I'd look to deal him during the offseason.

Where to begin on the disappointments. Let's start with the corner outfielders. I'm actually one of a few fans that actually likes both players. I think it just ended up being down years for both guys for whatever the reasons. Alfonso Soriano is having the worst season of his big league career. He's swinging and missing at everything on the outside corner, his speed is gone, and the defense is bad by even his low standards. I actually liked the Milton Bradley signing. I thought his left handed bat would be a nice addition to the team in the middle of the lineup. I think he's improved of late, but still the number that just shocks me is 31 RBi on August 20. Thirty-one. That's horrendous. I'm also disappointed in Ryan Dempster. He had a career year in a contract year and now he's back to being Ryan Dempster... go figure.

All of this being said, I don't deal either of these guys, and they can't Fonzie or Dempster. As a cub fans, I hope that both come back and play better next season. I really see next year probably as the Cubs last season whee they have a good chance to win with this group of players. I think the window of opportunity is closing, hopefully they can keep it open for just one more season.

Sorry, no jump. I shall be more vigilant this coming week.


Jay said...

I personally don't think the low turnout had anything to do with you sending the question out on Thursday. I think we were all just hungover and tired from celebrating your 500th post...

John said...

You think that's something? 1,000 will be a federal holiday.