WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable 20: Going Streaking

Friday, August 7, 2009

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable 20: Going Streaking

. Friday, August 7, 2009

We at WAIW are lucky enough to be acquainted with the operators of a bunch of excellent Cubs blogs. Every Friday throughout the 2009 season, we're going to bring as many of them as we can together to share their thoughts on being Cubs fans. This week - thoughts on the post-All Star Cubs.

Are you buying this hot streak the Cubs are on lately? Who do you think is going to be the most important player for the remainder of the regular season?


I'm buying it. They're scoring runs, which was really all they were missing in the first half - and had to happen eventually (or so we kept saying). As for the most important player for the rest of the season…well, I'm torn. The obvious choice is, of course, Rami the RBI machine and the King Midas touch he brings to the roster. Arguments could also be made for D-Lee, Riot or even Randy Wells. And don't forget - with Aaron Miles coming back, how can this team lose?!?


I do buy this recent hot streak, but not necessarily because I think the line-up is finally clicking. I think that down the stretch, the Cubs will be involved in a tight race with the Cardinals and this will give a little more meaning to every game. With a 162-game season, I can only imagine it's difficult to have a sense of urgency in June, but when you've got a good team (maybe even a better team) right there in chase with you, each game is crucial to getting into the post-season. So I think this team realizes they aren't going to waltz into October play and the Cardinals have turned into a formidable opponent. I suppose that's why I think this hot streak is real.

Down the stretch, the success of this team is going to come down to the guys with the ability to carry the team: Lee, Ramirez, Bradley, Soriano. They are the guys that have the ability to be "clutch" and knock in the other guys on the team in the late inning situations. I guess if I had to narrow it down to one, I'm going to put the heat on Ramirez. I'm not worried about guys like Theriot, Fukudome and Fontenot getting on base. They just need someone to drive them in.

Read on, and you'll find that a surprising number of contributors think the key to a successful season is going all Tonya Harding on Aaron Miles:


I would have to say that yes, I am buying the hot streak that the Cubs are on lately. The reason is simple really...I'm a Cubs fan. I always buy what the Cubs are selling and this season is no different. I have to say that this has been one of the most unlikeable teams in recent memory. The roster construction is poor, the offense has underachieved and the bullpen has been atrocious. Still, when they win a couple of games in a row it not only makes me forget about all of their warts, it helps erase the memories and pain of Octobers past.

As far as the most important player for the remainder of the regular season, that's a tough one. There are so many candidates here. Will we ever get the Milton Bradley we signed to show up? Will A-Ram's shoulder hold up? Can D-Lee stay hot? Can Harden ever go more than 6-innings? Will our bullpen quit lighting themselves on fire? After looking at all of that, I would say that the most important player for the remainder of the season is...Albert Pujols.


I'm not sure if I buy the Cubs hot streak. I think they are better than what we saw in the first half. They probably aren't as good as what we have seen thus far in the second half. Somewhere in the middle is what they are. Will it be good enough to win the NL Central? I guess it will be fun to watch.

The most important player for the Cubs in the second half is Alfonso Soriano. For some reason when he's going good at the plate the team seems to win. I expect we will see one of his patented hot streaks pretty soon. If that happens they should be in good shape.

The Ted Lilly Fan Club

This isn't a hot streak, this how a team with this much talent should play. Fantasy poop for the first half, fantasy gold for the second half. Clearly, as you would expect from the Ted Lilly Fan Club, we think the most important player for the stretch run will be.... Rich Harden.

Rich Harden can be dominant. He will stay healthy, put up ridiculous numbers for the rest of the year (we already forgot last game against the Commies), shine in the playoffs, spotlight what's great about Canada (read: Jason Priestly, Tim Hortons and Molson Extra) and then sign an ungodly large contract with some team (likely Cubs) in the winter.


I buy it--but we have to find a way to reinjure Aaron Miles. He's healthy--we stink. He goes on the DL, we get hot. Coincidence? I think not.

Ginger Russ

The Cubs are the Cubs. If they weren't the Cubs, they would be the Angels, or the Rangers, or the Expos. No, not the Expos. Montreal has refused to ever have a winning baseball team again. Viva Canadia!

Wait, what I'm trying to say is "Yes and No". Like an In and Out burger, I have to believe it's the real deal, but maybe I'm just being distracted by the cute girl taking my order. Except she's not really cute, it's only until I actually pull up to the drive-thru window that her sultry voice is shattered by the pimples and double chin. But they have good burgers, so it all makes up for it.

What I'm trying to say is if the Cubs figure out how to make-up another fake injury for Aaron Miles, they should be okay. And that other Aaron too. In fact, I think naming your kid Aaron is just a ploy to get him called first in class. Really, who starts their name with two 'A's? That's just cheating.

Anyways, the Cubs are the real deal, finally! Everyone said E-Ramis coming back wouldn't make this team better. Now you're wrong and should go and sit in the corner and punch yourself in the balls until you become a man.

Seriously though, I like popcorn, with cheddar sprinkles.

If Aramis stays healthy, Groggles doesn't pull that shit he pulled last week and Marmol is still the President's stand-in we should be okay. Go Cubs!


John said...

I get all sarcastic on Chip Wesley last week, and now I've got tumbleweeds in the Roundtable comment section. Daddy needs a drink.

Ginger Russ said...

I think this is the first time I've agreed with cubbiejulie. First twitter being down, then blogger and now this. What is this world coming to?

Chip Wesley said...

I think the key is the batting order Lou put out there last night (granted they lost, but still).

1. Fukudome
2. Bradley
3. Lee
4. Ramirez
5. Soto
6. Soriano
7. Whatever pile of shit is playing 2B that day
8. Theriot

Maybe adjust it a bit on days they face lefties.

Chip Wesley said...

The only reason our blog gets comments is because I have 27 people writing for it and they all comment on their own crap. Don't be fooled, we don't actually have any "readers" per se.

Anonymous said...

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable 20: Going Streaking

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