Reds 4 - Cubs 0: (Cricket Noises)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reds 4 - Cubs 0: (Cricket Noises)

. Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yep, the Cubs got shut out by the guy from the "Suffering From Impotence? There's Help" billboards on I-94

Shit happens when you bat Aaron Miles in the 2 spot. What does one even have to say about a game like this? No hitting to speak of, pitching was a little weak but not insurmountably terrible (Samardzija is still here, eh?), and we didn't get the sweep. Just one of those nights. At least this loss didn't come off of a Kevin Gregg fastball over the plate.

Honestly? That's all I've got

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wpbc said...

shit does happen when you put aaron miles at short and hit him second. choices like that have repercussions and they ain't good. that lineup sucked lastnite. the next time miles is in the starting lineup piniella should have his head examined.

wpbc said...

btw gents, i'm 4-0 at cubs games this season. i know it's not nearly the sample size that you have in the sidebar, but i'm proud of my record, and may never go again to preserve the perfect season. fu larry csonka.