Local Boy Makes Good

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Local Boy Makes Good

. Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So depleted from injuries, the Cubs turn to the Walgreen's bat boy of the day for a spot start

Cliche'd Northwest Herald headlines aside, Tom Gorzellany made his debut for the Cubs last night, going a solid 7.1 innings allowing only 1 run. Of course, I've warned about any early optimism after a player has a solid start. Let's be honest, as soon as Ted Lilly is back, there simply is no room for Gorzellany. But if he can give us two more quality starts until TRL is ready, that alone will make the trade worthwhile, let alone if he can then transition to the bullpen. Having him and Marshall in the pen could be a luxury, as they provide the unusual combination of being able to eat innings while simultaneously being a specialty pitcher. But I would never question Lou's bullpen choices, save that for the newspapers.

Some captions and more words after the jump...pretty standard really.

"A" for effort, Soriano...just kidding, your fielding skills are "D" at best...on a curve...at Perkins School for the Blind

Looking at the box score, we actually have players hitting! You may say that the exclamation mark was unnecessary, but after looking at it after every game in the first half and seeing one player over the .250 mark out of the starting nine, it is nice to see five, with Soriano almost above the tipping point at .249. Fukudome has taken to the lead-off spot and everything is going cupcakes and puppy dogs. Except when Gregg blows two saves in a row. But if I couldn't let go off a tough Cubs loss, I would've left the fanhood years ago.

This picture brought to you by your friends in the Communist party

So the Cubs find themselves going for another sweep. Harden has the nod today, which should be obvious as it is a night, away game, one-day removed from a full moon, subsequent to a win in which the Cubs starting pitcher lasted at least 7 innings, in a city south AND east of Chicago, provided that the temperature in the home city is greater than or equal to the temperature of the visiting team's home city's temperature. And Elias says he is 2-0 when that happens.


Official Ted Lilly Fan Club said...

When will Major League Baseball wake up and realize that Cincinnati has been a breeding ground for communism?

Only a matter of time before they officially begin Operation Red Dawn II using that city as the launching pad.

And, truthfully, we're not sure that Swayze can save us again

Steve said...

it is known as the queen city.

you know who else had a queen? RUSSIA!

Official Ted Lilly Fan Club said...

Jesus--our collective national nightmare is coming true. We might need to get the Wolverines back together.

Someone call the whorehouses in LA and find Chaz Sheen. STAT.