Gregg Closing? Nothing Could Poss-i-bly Go Wrong

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gregg Closing? Nothing Could Poss-i-bly Go Wrong

. Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It is becoming increasingly common that the Cubs have such a crappy game I am forced to go to a Simpson's clip. But I feel this one aptly describes how I felt last night. Now, west coast night games are a test of one's will, should that person happen to be gainfully employeed. Combine that with the Annual WAIW Company Picnic with Jimmy Buffett on Saturday, I was dragging all day on Monday. So, I watch up until the 6th inning, and decide I will listen to the radio for the duration in bed (note: you can some strange dreams when the last thing going through your mind is Ron Santos commentary). Once Lee led off with a triple and A-Ram singled him home, I figured it was as good of time as any to drift away into legless inspired oblivion. After all, we had a lead late against an awful Padres team. All I had to do now was get some solid rest and check to see how much we won by in the morning.

Shock and Awe! After the Jump!

Being a fan of Purdue, the Cubs and the Bears, I am very familiar with this spectating look

Kevin Gregg came in to close the 9th. Could not throw any strikes. Lost the game 4-1. Is no longer the closer. It is a move that we have seen for some time. Even when they announced Gregg as closer at the beginning of the year, we here at WAIW thought it was only a matter of time before Marmol got the role. Problem is, I do not have any faith in Marmol, or any of the other potential closers. Which leaves us in a tricky situation: 6 games back, almost to the final month of the regular season, without a closer. It is like going to the prom without a can of mace (ladies). We need to be prepared or we will be screwed uncomfortably.

Another 9 pm start tonight. Why can I not turn away?


Bree said...

10pm for me... i can't continue to stay up this late for disappointment. i will, but i shouldn't.

KD said...

What's worse than having Kevin Gregg as your closer? Answer: having Carlos Marmol as your closer....Oh.Dear.God.

Chip Wesley said...

When Len said last night that Marmol has been named the new closer I had a Simpsons reference pop into my head.

"Class, instead of going to the box factory today, we'll be going to factory!"