Fuck This Guy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fuck This Guy

. Thursday, August 13, 2009

When the cops found him at John Barleycorn, he claimed diplomatic immunity, because that bar is the embassy for Douchebag Nation. They had to let him go, just like Lethal Weapon 2. Let's hope Danny Glover also shoots him in the face.

This dumb bastard threw a beer on Shane Victorino last night during the ass-kicking. Not only that, but he apparently escaped un-fisted by the vengeful upper arm of justice. If you know this guy, I'm not saying turn him in, but at least teabag something he owns. There's no place for assholes like this at Wrigley.


Okay, there's clearly plenty of room for assholes like this at Wrigley, because Wrigley is too often full of assholes. But if you can in any way contribute to the downfall of one of them, I will be eternally grateful. Because fuck this guy.