Cubs 9 - Nationals 4: Everything Fixed, Your Puppy Alive Again

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cubs 9 - Nationals 4: Everything Fixed, Your Puppy Alive Again

. Thursday, August 27, 2009

Highlights Magazine Kidz Activity: Circle 5 racisms in this picture.

If there is one thing that we've learned from last night's victory, it's that losses and wins against the Nationals are not necessarily equal. Likely, we'll forget last night's (eventual) ass-beating of the Nats fairly quickly. Yet it's going to take some serious Wild Turkey abuse to scrub off the stink of Tuesday's game. That doesn't exactly seem fair to me, but hey, I never was very good at algebra.

Analysis and therapy after the jump. The kind an analrapist would provide.

Remember what I said about Theriot in the leadoff spot? Well, he's now 1-9 against the Nationals as the leadoff man. I'm going to take this opportunity to gloat before he has a 4-4 game and makes me look like an asshole. Err ... more of an asshole.

"Congratulations. You have graduated from 'piece of shit' back to 'ballplayer'"

I'd talk about Milton Bradley's great night at the plate, but I'm afraid that I'll be accused of being racist. I'll reiterate my stance - if racist abuse ever, EVER happens at Wrigley, then the perpetrator needs to be forcibly fisted by one of the hairy Greek guys who hang out on the street in front of my apartment. But I've been to more games than I can count over the years, and I have yet to hear a single slur. And a great many people have expressed the same sentiment. I'm not calling Milton Bradley a liar, but his timing is odd, and he does have one big-ass persecution complex.

Fukudome is seen here using a modernist-influenced bat. They're all the rage in Japan.

There's really only one regular outfielder on this team to like - my man Kosuke Fukudome. It's late august, and he's on base at a nearly .400 clip. He's overpaid as hell, but if this team wasn't falling apart, he'd be recognized as having had a solid year.

Is it the height of ridiculousness to suggest that we use Grabow instead of Marmol in the setup role? I know that we're not exactly burning up the division, but presumably, we're still playing to win. And Marmol is not fixing whatever's wrong this year.

Nice graphic last night - Soto and Soriano are both in the top 5 for lowest batting average (confusing, I know) for the National League in the month of August. That is just so fucking sad. Remember last year? When we had hope and the world was filled with joy and puppies?


J.J. said...

Maybe it's better to have no hope than to have your hope crushed into little bits, then stomped on and set on fire, by getting swept in the playoffs.

Jay said...

Hope is a dangerous thing, hope can drive a man insane...

Elaine said...

thanks for the Analrapist reference