10 Observations Following the Wrath of Gregg: Your Weekend Recap Substitute

Monday, August 3, 2009

10 Observations Following the Wrath of Gregg: Your Weekend Recap Substitute

. Monday, August 3, 2009

The WAIW crew spent most of the week in and around the Ultimate MLB Wedding Spectacular (post on that matter forthcoming). We were, as such, unable to catch much more than a few innings here and there. But this picture sums things up nicely.

Observations after the jump

1. Gregg looked like hot buttered raccoon carcass on the mound the entire weekend. I don't know if it's because his former teammates knew enough to not be scared of him, but all that goodwill he's spent 2 months building went right into the crapper. In less than two innings, he let 6 hits and 5 runs cross the plate, all while ostensibly acting as our final shutdown reliever. He'd have given up more, but yesterday ended before they could really rub his face in it. Unfortunately, the guy that we used to think was waiting to take over looks even shakier.

2. I don't actually feel all that bad about this series loss. Probably because I can blame almost the entire thing on one guy. We should have won the series - things don't go your way some times.

3. I saw Ramirez leave the game Saturday with the sound off. It looked like he was leaving with allergies.

4. New reason to say "wait till next year": Jeff Samardzija's career. Better mothball that green Cubs jersey, Domers.

5. We at WAIW have struggled mightily to come up with a nickname for Hoffpauir. I think I've got it: Tall Aaron Miles.

6. Given that the Marlins play at Land Shark Stadium, I feel it's on topic to mention that Landshark Lager absolutely sucks. Drinking one is like leaving a Dos Equis out in a rainstorm overnight and drinking the result the next morning. And this is coming from a Buffett fan. By the way, the so-called Margaritaville Brewing Company mentioned on the label? This is what it looks like:

7. Z sounds like he's fine, but then again, so did Ted Lilly a couple of weeks ago. Ryan Dempster pitches like he's injured. Rich Harden can show up looking like anything imaginable. I can't believe that I place the bulk of my trust in Randy Wells. Did you feel a draft? I just shivered.

8. We finally get to see Tom Gorezelanny in the next series. You may know his work as Sloth in The Goonies.

"Babyyyy ... Ruuuuuth?"

9. If Wells cannot go at least seven innings tonight, I say we forfeit and let both teams go out for ice cream early.

10. Soriano at 3rd on Saturday was terrifying. The Marlins refused to play "hit it to 3rd and you're automatically out," which is what we did as kids when we didn't have enough players. Bastards.


Bree said...

First of all, I have no voice.

Second of all, I have no voice because I SAW THE CUBS WIN ON SATURDAY!! I had a bit of a losing streak. And by losing streak I mean I had never been witness to a W. Between Wrigley, Tampa and Miami... no win. Pretty lame. Makes a gal feed unwanted, ya know?

But now I feel loved...
Derrek "Whole Lotta Man" Lee made me proud.
Soriano at third made me confused.
The beer made me drunk.
I love baseball.

John said...

Excellent job. That bottom of the 9th had to be a heartburn-inducer, eh?