Weekend Recap: Take that <s>England!</s> Milwaukee!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Recap: Take that England! Milwaukee!

. Sunday, July 5, 2009

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It was a festive weekend in the Chicagoland area, with 4th of July bringing out the drunkest of drunks and the Brewers in town, losing 3 of 4 to the Cubbies. I went into this weekend thinking that I would be happy taking 3, and in the end, I am pleased...though I wish WAIW didn't have to attend the biggest game of suck that I may have seen in person ever. That being said, can't complain too much, as this was just the series we needed against a team in our division. Full 4 day recap and whatnot after the jump.

Greg Olson is so conscious about being noticed in public that he dressed like every douchebag in Wrigley. Tribal tats not pictured.

Thursday saw the Cubs come off to an early league, with my jersey purchase coming through with 2 home runs and a career high 7 RBIs. Always having a weak spot for Lee, I was especially glad when I saw him hit the Grand Slam and hope this buys him some time with the increasingly fickle Cubs crowd. Now, on Thursdays, I do have bowling league, which impairs my ability to watch most of the games (with the exception of when I am waiting in line for the required pitcher refill). Fortunately, both of Lee's homers came at a time when I was waiting in line and I was able to shit on the ridiculous amount of Sox fans in the league (hey, the lane is in Logan Square after all). Though the final score was 9-5, it never felt close, with the Cubs dominating throughout the affair. We were intending on provided a full recap of this game on Friday, though I fell short of my duties, having been at the Hangge Uppe until 4 am the night before and needing to be at Sluggers for Friday's game at 11 (note: did not make it by 11). Either way, you get the recap of a game you have long forgot about today. Deal with it.

Only 2 innings too late

I was fortunate enough to attend Friday's game, which was great, though I have been at an incredible amount of extra-inning games. The best part of the event was that I attended with 2 Brewers fans. If you have never had the experience, very few things beat attending a game with fans of an obnoxious team and winning it in extras - I liken it to beating Hitler in Risk. While replays may have suggested that it was a ball, Fox's last at-bat was definitely beyond his years and he deserves praise for sticking in that long (that's what she said?). It adds to the list of great games I have been able to see in person for the year, and it was an important win as it guaranteed at least a split for the series.

Soriano: as helpless on defense as on offense

After another marathon day of drinking on Friday, John and I met up for an unofficial WAIW outing (official outings to occur in August). Meeting up at 11:30, we got into Wrigley with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, it was one of those days where the Cubs were never in it. After giving up 5 runs in the first, we knew we were in for a long beating. While showing some signs of life, the Cubs were never able to put anything together, subjecting your faithful bloggers to ridicule from assholes in Packers jerseys (full disclosure: there was an exceptional Brewers fan sitting directly in front of us that mocked the Packer clan for embarrassing Brewers fans; I feel we must give credence to the respectable opposing fans we meet, as I know there are way too many douchebag Cub fans, and I would want the same respect given to me). Despite the beatdown, we stayed until the last pitch, keeping that stupidity optimism alive, until we went to Mullen's, and John and I showed a beatdown of our own on darts. The loss was tough, but we knew we still had one game to win to make for a good series win.

Trying to cozy the place up, the Cubs put a Fielder-skin rug around home plate

I had the opportunity to go to Sunday's game in the bleachers, but after going to Friday and Saturday, my liver (and pocketbook) needed a break. Of course, it was one of the better efforts I've seen from the Cubs this year, with it being one of the few times the offense matched the pitching. Lilly pitched a great game, going over 7 innings and not allowing much to get going for the Brewers. He also had a killer strike-out pitch going today and showed why he is the lone All-Star representative. The Brewers never really threatened, and it gave the Cubs an important series win, bringing them 1 1/2 games behind second place, and 2 1/2 behind the lead.

Evidently, Derrek Lee slept with Milton Bradley's wife

It was an important series win for the Cubs, and they have two more big ones against the Braves and Cardinals. If we can take at least 5 out of these 7 games, we will be in a good position after the All-Star break. The fact that we have been playing so shitty and are right in the mix gives me confidence that we can take the division (though we need to play a lot better to win the NL). With Reed and A-Ram back tomorrow, a solid stretch will give this team the confidence they need to take control in the second half. As much as this team irritates me, I think they have just too much talent to not be able to take the Central.


Bree said...

Good recap! Gotta love Derrek Lee... as I always say, he's a whole lotta man.

Kelsey said...

Pretty sure it wasn't a "beatdown" in darts. If I recall correctly, you did loose a game and the other two were fairly close :)