WAIW Exclusive Interview: Rick Sutcliffe

Monday, July 20, 2009

WAIW Exclusive Interview: Rick Sutcliffe

. Monday, July 20, 2009

WAIW Meets Sutcliff in a haze of too many Fat Tires

Living close to Wrigleyville affords one certain opportunities such as the ability to see multiple Polo shirts on one man or watching a girl walking home the morning after a night game with a jean skirt and Cubs tank top on as you are on your way to the L for your morning commute. And occasionally, you get to see Cubs legends in the bars around the area. Friday night was such a night, with Rick Sutcliffe and Rascal Flatts hanging out at Murphy's Bleachers. Quickly brushing Rascal Flatts aside, I only cared about the legend - The Red Baron himself. See the exclusive WAIW interview after the jump.

Steve: Hey Rick, you are one of my favorite players of all-time, can I get a picture with you?

Rick: Absolutely, my man.

Steve: What brings you to Murphy's tonight?

Rick: In town for Rascal Flatts man!

Steve: What about Murphy's makes it your place?

Rick: Aww man, I'll tell you what. It was the 1984 season and the owner, he dedicated the apartment upstairs for my personal use. Ever since then man...

Steve: That's awesome, have a great night.

In addition to being a great guy that was going around the room talking to anyone that wanted to say hello, he filled us in on two important nuggets: Sutcliffe is a country music fan that liked to get freaky above Murphy's Bleachers while winning Cy Youngs.

That, my friends, is the dream.


Jen said...

This is so cool, Steve. I think I'm going to photoshop me into the pic for my Christmas card.