I Mean, You Can't Sweep Them All

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Mean, You Can't Sweep Them All

. Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wesley Wright is clearly impressed with all the man that Miguel Tejada is, offering him the rare ODHJ (On Deck Hand Job)

Well, it was a weird game to watch. Dempster sucked like he just came off of the DL, there was a ball hit into a jersey, and Soriano made a good defensive play. Yes, a bizarre game indeed. In fact, the last point made Bob Brenley utter the phrase: “I never thought I’d hear these words come out of my mouth, but that is a nice defensive play by Alfonso Soriano." You and me both, Bob. Unfortunately, too many miscues cost the Cubs the game, and, as of press time (Cards are currently up 4-0), possibly first place in the division. Regardless, the team has been coming together lately and have actually been watchable. After A-Ram made a hell of a play at third to throw out the runner from his ass to Lee, I saw Lee point at Aramis, saying nice play. It is these little things that I haven't seen this year that make a team a "team", and I'm glad there is finally a bit of cohesiveness.

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Great catch? Sure...but what was the crowd thinking?

A favorite of mine is looking at the reactions of fans while plays are going on. We see a plethora of them here, and I decided to break it down. Legend, as follows:

A: "OMG! I'm sooooooo upset my hamster died!:

B: "I'd rather be watching Project Runway."

C: "Did Laney, like, really go to prom with Paul Walker?"

D: "Who farted?!?"

E: "Shiiiiiit, I'd catch that."

F: "Hmmm...I think I'll order some General Tso's Chicken after the game."

Dammit! Why did I already use the "It's not a tumor" reference?!

Of the numerous Cubs losses I have had to endure this year, this one was one of the most palatable. Sure, there were plenty of bad plays on defensive, but at least we were able to put 6 runs on the board. Still two more games against the Astros, who will be dealing with a depleted bullpen. I'm sure we will take one more, but taking the rest with would be huge. With the Cards somehow kicking the shit out of the Dodgers, every win counts. It's going to be an interesting second half, with 4 teams still in contention in the Central. Man, it must suck to be the Pirates or the Reds.