Cubs 4 - Braves 2: The Non-Estrada Parts Went Well Too

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cubs 4 - Braves 2: The Non-Estrada Parts Went Well Too

. Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are they taking this picture for the sports page or a Hallmark sympathy card?

Am I mistaken, or are we approaching an honest-to-goodness surge, a feel-good time of Cubs baseball that harkens back to the glory days of ... last year? Or maybe I'm just still riding that Estrada-wave, and the Cubs are still in 3rd place. Either way, last night was of the feel-good sort.

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D Lee continues to make the Chicago media look like assholes

Does anyone still want to talk about sitting Derrek Lee for Micah Hoffpauir? I'm not even trying to be a dick here. I'm just saying that such a discussion, one that loomed so large in the early going of 2009, deserves to be revisited. So do we want D.Lee sitting? Isn't he old, and doesn't he hit into double plays? Shouldn't we play the Great Amish-Sounding Hope? Fuck no, we shouldn't. D.Lee got started, just like Steve and I said he would. Hoffpauir is currently rocking an OBP of .288, a number that could be replicated by Kevin Orrie after he was hit by a tour bus. Meanwhile, D.Lee keeps hitting - he's got over 50 RBI and half a season ahead of him. So no more talk about AAA guys. Okay now I'm trying to be a dick. Sorry.

"This flock of seagulls gives me an idea for a band. I'll call it Hall and Oates!"

Other guys who looked good (in a non-Estrada way) last night:

- Kosuke Fukudome: Killing it since being moved to the top of the order. Now don't stop, damn you!

- Randy Wells: 4th win in a row. This guy is sick. I really hope he stays this good for the rest of ... I dunno, his 10+ year career in Chicago. Just being optimistic.

- Aramis Ramirez: 0-4, and I'll still take it. To quote my favorite Jewish reggae album, Shake off the dust ... arise!

- Milton Bradley: 2BB and one hell of a catch in right. Now just pull that average over .250, young man.

Bradley returns to the loving embrace of Swamp Thing

We're now only 1 game out of second and 2 out of first. This would be a fine time to go on a killer run. I know we're doing well now, but imagine how nice it would feel to win this series and the next. Note to the 2009 Cubs: Let's get greedy.