Cheaper By The Dozen

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheaper By The Dozen

. Thursday, July 30, 2009

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There are certain times at work when I am in the proverbial "zone" (for an accountant, this equates to calculating 15+ numbers under 20 seconds with no errors, or "footing" if you are in the biz). When in said "zone" I sometimes forget my hunger for the briefest of moments, and take a later lunch. Yesterday, I has able to hold out until 12:30 before partaking in some delicious Qdoba (naked chicken burrito, as I am a huge pussy). This means I didn't get back to work until around 1:30, and by the time I got settled in for the afternoon (read: comment on several people's facebook status'), it was 2:15 and I forgot the game was on. By the time my MLB audio program opened up and I saw the box score, we were already up 7-0. All I heard were the proverbial (two proverbials in one paragraph, akin to more bang for the....proverbial...buck!) "cherries on top" as we went on to win 12-0.

Proverbially more, after the jump.

Ahhh the awkward left-handed high-five, staples of unpopular kids across the country

Almost everyone got in on the fun, with 15 people getting in the game combining for 14 hits. The big negative, however, is Reed Johnson will be out for a month fracturing his foot on a fall ball. What is with this team? Dempster breaks his toe jumping out of the dugout, Sosa breaks his back is egregious I tell you, EGREGIOUS! The good news is Fukudome has been hitting well enough and is as good or better as Reed in center. Of course, I'm sick of not having a roster at 100%, though I'd rather have it now then September (what an insight!)

In an excellent display of cross-promotion, Milton Bradley does his interpretation of the hit game Perfection!

A post would be incomplete without praise for Wells (I guess you could say he pitched pretty wells...I hate myself). 8 strong innings, allowing 0 runs on 6 hits. I had my reservations on getting excited about him, but he has proven to be solid and I hate to think where we would be without him stepping up. He now has 7 wins on the season, tying him with Zambrano and Harden, but he has the lowest ERA of any starter. Today we get Kevin Hart, who we really need a big outing out of to keep pace in the Central, with the Cards inexplicably won the past 3 against the Dodgers. This team is finally coming around, and it should be an exciting final two months.