Cheaper By The Dozen 2

Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheaper By The Dozen 2

. Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm so fortunate to be able to recapture the glory of yesterday's caption

Two games, 24 runs. We have gone weeks without accumulating 24 runs, then we go all double dozen on the Astros. I mean, those are beer league softball numbers. I should know, we allowed at least that many runs in every game of the season. The Cubs pounding, combined with the Dodgers finally figuring out how to win a game, puts us back in first and 8 games over .500. With the bats starting to swing, and Hendry stopping by the Pirates estate sale to pick up a couple of lefties for the bullpen, we are putting ourselves in a position to take control of the Central.

As Humberto Quintero gets hit by a pitch, he wonders why he left his job as a stand-in on Life Goes On

Kevin Hart, to his credit, pitched solid, after a somewhat shaky start. He ended up with some numbers on some hits giving up some runs – see, it really doesn’t matter anymore because he was traded as soon as the game ended; as such, we will not dignify his statistics with numbers in the blog post. The relievers, however, are still with the Cubs: Marshall, Atkins and Gregg all pitched an inning, giving up a combined 1 hit and allowing 0 runs. Hell, Gregg had 3 strike-outs. It’s amazing how little we have to concern ourselves with Gregg when you put up an egg carton on the scoreboard.

As per Japanese culture, every hit is celebrated by a karate chop to break the sacred wooden bat

Fukudome continued to improve his average and is looking great at lead-off, going 3-3 and picking up 2 walks in his 5 at-bats. That is pretty much the best day a lead-off hitter can do. And to his credit, Soriano has taken to the 6-spot and this lineup is crazy-scary, with no break for a pitcher at 1-6. The Astros found that out this week when they inexplicably walked Bradley to get to Soriano, and first base wasn’t even open. I’ve said it before, but it is nice to finally see this team click again, as it was tough to watch in the first half. I will begrudgingly admit I was wrong, and am going to credit this to the return of Aramis. He has brought back a team mentality and a cohesiveness that was missing. There was one play this week where he had a hell of a stop at third and throw to Lee on his ass to get the runner and Lee pointed his glove at A-Ram. While it may not seem like much, it is a marked change from what felt like nine individuals trying versus one team. 6:05 can’t come soon enough, just hope Lou can stay away from the margaritas until after.