Braves 4 - Cubs 1: At Least I Had Good Seats

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Braves 4 - Cubs 1: At Least I Had Good Seats

. Thursday, July 9, 2009

"This is everybody's fault but mine!"

This is getting fucking ridiculous. All this money on the payroll and the Braves continue to torment us like some sort of dip-spitting apparition. I'm sick and damn tired of watching the Cubs make superstars out of journeyman pitchers. But hey, I did get to sit in the 10th row, which was mighty damn sweet.

Kevin Hart, surprisingly enough, didn't suck hard enough to lose this one. The offense, fielding, and Kevin Gregg took care of that. Hart, despite the fact that he loses the strike zone from one batter to another, threw a completely respectable 5. I had to take his dusty old tag down from the attic, and not even in anger. Guzman was meh, Marshall was solid, Heilman respectable, and Kevin Gregg, despite his two runs being unearned, still looked like ass. Of course, that's all relative. If Gregg was ass, then Jeff Baker, Milton Bradley and Mike Fontenot were some sort ofalie/robot hybrid ass. Baker looked like a moron, Bradley has all the ... TIMING ofthissentence, and I'm about ready to be done with Mike Fontenot. Thanks for all the expensive outfielders, Hendry. That seems to have worked out well for us.

I'm not saying that a series win over St. Louis won't get be back into happy joy super terrific time. I'm just saying that I'm going to stop thinking "ohhh, baby, we've won 4 of 6. This is it. We're finally back on track." The sad truth is, we've got a major league rotation and a AAA order. And hey, it'll only get better. Except for Dempster celebrating himself to injury and Soto straining his oblique. Why, we might get to see an entire month of Koyie Hill!

It's been rough, but tomorrow's another day. Let's just sit back and enjoy a rare off Thursday.


Okay, enough off day enjoyment. I need baseball back.