Braves 2, Cubs 1: No Puns Today

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Braves 2, Cubs 1: No Puns Today

. Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watching Mike Gonzalez pitch while listening to Len's "Steal My Sunshine" is my version of hell

After last night's exciting game, featuring the return of some players from the DL, an exciting win, and a memorable 7th Inning Stretch interview, today we were able to see a game with very little offense, a pitching duel in which we were trailing the whole game, and a benign 7th inning guest. Additionally, Mike Gonzalez had the most irritating wind-up I have ever seen in my life, and watching it made me want to alternatively stab my cerebellum with hypothermic needles and the gas station attendant that sold Mr. Gonzalez the discount prophylactic on that wild night in 1977. Sadly, neither occurred, and I was stuck watching 12 of most anger-inducing pitches I have ever witnessed.

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Micah didn't know where the ball was as Ghostwriter could only explain with the letters H-O-F-F-P-A-U-I-R

Obscure mid-1990's PBS references aside, there was not much going on in this game. Zambrano pitched a decent game, but had no run support. He dropped to 4-4. 4-4!!! He will have one more start before the All-Star break, perhaps earning his 5th win. That means, in theory, while I know he was on the DL, it is possible for Z to finish the year with single-digit wins. While I know that earning a win involves a lot more than just good pitching, thus far, I would have to say Zambrano is having a very disappointing year.

Brooks Conrad gives me the impression that he beats his wife

Tomorrow will be a big game for us. Having some momentum going into the 4 game series against Mark DeRosa's Cardinals is important. I am really ready for the first half of this season to end, and hopefully a fresh beginning. This team has shown signs recently of being capable of being a team I can like, but they aren't making it easy.


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wow. im actually kind of glad. i would hate to have to see DeRosa in a Cards jersey this year.